How to Get Your Girlfriend to Cook For You

Does your girlfriend cook for you every day?

Did you notice girls nowadays get offended when you tell them to cook something for you and that you are hungry? Most of girls today have been caught up in this feminist “you are independent, you do not need to serve him, you seek career” bullshit.

The more to the west you go to civilised countries, the stronger this mindset will be. Germany, Switzerland, UK, USA are heading this movement. The less a country is fucked-up by modern bullshit, the less of this mentality you will find. Slavic countries are still saved from this. Slavic and Eastern European girls have no problem being in the kitchen cooking for you, taking care of you. South America as well. Their mothers and grandmothers are still teaching them that it’s the way to keep and love your man. 

Unfortunately feminism is catching up to all countries, so we guys have to be smarter about having balance in our homes. I want my girl to be a woman, to be sexy, to look and behave like a woman. If I have to help her to find her true instincts, I will do it.

How to get your girlfriend cook for you - Badboy Lifestyle

I have to warn you, this article is full of mental & physical manipulation. If you are against it, please stop reading here.

And for all of you girls reading this article, here is a message for you: we are Men, we love when you cook for us, take care of us. It means you are a woman and you love your man. Don’t be afraid to be a Woman. You want to make your man fall in love with you? Do this formula:
Feed him, fuck him and shut the fuck up (we men love silence).

I am sharing with you my cute little list of things you can do to get her back to the kitchen and cook for you with love.

How to get your girlfriend to fall in love with the kitchen

Step 1) Invite your girlfriend for a dinner – cook for her

How to get your girlfriend to cook for you? - By Badboy

Yes, you go first, you show her that you can cook and you have no mental problems with it. This is a first step of “role reversal”. Invite her for a dinner and cook something for her. Make a show out of it. Do it the best way possible.

Open a bottle of good wine, candles, music (involve all her senses). Let her sit and watch the show. Do a formula: Eat -> watch a movie -> fuck

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Step 2) Sex in the kitchen with your girlfriend

How to get your girlfriend to cook for you? - By Badboy

This is one of the crucial steps to make her feel good and sexy in the kitchen. A few days later when you see her, fuck her good on the kitchen counter or anywhere around the kitchen.

Let her unconscious store lots of good memories and feelings about being in the kitchen. This can of course happen at your place or her place. It does not matter. The more you do it in different positions the better result you will have and the happier girl you will have.

“Should I cook for him?” Her emotions will say “Oh, yess”.

 Step 3) Cook together & get dirty

Make a plan to cook something together, decide on a dish you would like to try and divide tasks: let her find a recipe online and give you a list of groceries to buy. This is a crucial step since you are getting her used to do a research what she’s going to cook (we will use this later a lot), I hope you can see in which direction this is going.

Then cook together, but let her lead the whole thing (watch a video showing you how to do that inside Life Academy). This cooking should be 60% her, 40% you. Some girls have never cooked before, and they are not experienced, insecure, so be her help, be her support, read recipes together, help her figure out things, but let her do most of it. Let her get confidence and comfort doing it. Give her moments to be alone in the kitchen, you can go open a bottle of wine, set up a table, play music, whatever. Each time come back and hug her, kiss her, slap her ass, compliment her (“I love the way you look in the kitchen… it’s so sexy, it’s turning me on”).

As she is cooking, you can come from behind, slowly undress her, let her cook while sliding your dick inside her and do her from behind.
Or you can leave the sex for later and reward her with sex after dinner with passionate lovemaking.

How to get your girlfriend to cook for you? - By Badboy

What you are actually doing here is anchoring (linking) sex and love with cooking for you/serving you/taking care of you. Remember that all decisions come from the emotional part of the brain.

She may be programmed by our fucked-up society that “cooking for a man is wrong” but this is logic… now you will confront logic with powerful emotions. This way one day when she is in a situation where she is asking herself “Should I cook for him?”, her emotions will say “Oh, yess”.

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Step 4) Cook for your girlfriend again

Do it a week later… I guarantee you, this is the last time you will cook for her. Again, do the show like the first time and have sex with her. And tell her that next time it’s her turn, and you have a special wish: high heels, stockings (very sexy underwear), and let her surprise you with a dish.


Step 5) Dress up your girlfriend sexy and let her cook for you

I am not sure about you, but I love to see a sexy, half-naked girl in high heels cooking for me in my kitchen. There are not lots of things like that that make me happy in this life.

How to get your girlfriend to cook for you? - By Badboy

I believe every man should experience it. Every man should try it at least once.
Tell her it’s your fantasy and you want her to fulfill it (you will fulfill her fantasy as well in return). Tell her exactly how to dress and what you expect from her.
Do I have to say you have to fuck her good this time?

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Conclusion about your girlfriend cooking for you

This whole setup takes 2-3 weeks, and the shift in her mindset is unbelievable. From “I hate to cook for him” to “I love to cook and suck his dick at the same time” in just 14 days!

Not only that, buy you are also doing a big favor for any other guy who comes after you.
Remember that girls are the biggest gift a man can give to another man. Since feminism has to be stopped, help us reprogram our girls and change this world to be a better place for all of us.

Bon voyage,


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