You vs. You – the battle of your life

This blog is about the most important person in your life: YOU!

It’s about how to handle yourself in the best way, so you can master the battle of life.

We can’t give you the ultimate guide, how to be the perfect version of you, neither we can give you the absolute answer to mute all the negative parts in you.

What we can and what we do here is giving you an overview, how you can work on yourself and also show you how you can use your different parts for your own good.

Two voices inaside work against you

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Our weaker self makes us lazy and easy-going while our inner critic stops us from changing and going out of our comfort zone.

The first step to win the battle against yourself starts with the understanding why we have those parts in us.


Why do you have this parts?

It’s essential to understand that those parts are not necessary bad.

In fact they both have an important evolutionary reason to be in us.

The weaker self is located in one of the oldest part of our brain, the reptilian brain.

The reptilian brain job is to get your basic functions to survive.

The best visualisation for the reptilian brain is a Labrador.

Every time he sees sugar it sends his body the message: “Eat it, or we will starve to death.”

This was maybe more useful few thousand years ago, but it is still in us.

The inner critic is based in the neocortex.

Our brain has the ability to keep us away from risks and danger.

As a child, our parents “teach” our inner critic, things that are dangerous or not acceptable for the society.

So the inner critic is supported in the earliest days to avoid risks and since the days of civilization to make us able to cohabitate.

So basically those are not unnecessary bad functions of your brain.

Just see the good sides of them.

The weaker self-goes hand in hand with joy in certain things, like sex or food.

The inner critics do not just block us to approach a hot girl, it also saves us from dangerous situations and makes us able to reflect our self, which is basically the inner game.


How can I master my inner voices?

As long as we understand the good and the bad sides of our inner voices and established awareness, we achieved a lot.

Let’s look at some basics to handle your inner voices.

We already have a very good tool to handle the weaker self, the picture of the Labrador.

Maybe you find other images which describe your weaker self-perfect.

Just the awareness helps me more than all the work I did with tons of techniques.

Every time I have one of those typical decisions like healthy or tasty unhealthy food, go to the gym or enjoy myself on the couch, I imagine a Labrador inside my brain.

A Labrador who wants to eat everything that comes close to him and avoid every kind of exercise.

In most cases, my inner dialog “I don’t want to be the Labrador” helps me to choose the right option.

The inner critic is a bit more complex than the weaker self.


A great way to handle the inner critic is the technique we described inside 360 Inner Game course

There are a lot of techniques and tools we use in coachings for fighting our inner critic.

I showed one of my favorite ones on the summer camp 2016.

It’s the inner Cheerleader team, which basically confronted the inner critic with tons of positive motivation.

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