You Talk Too Much!

Some things should remain unsaid.

Most guys that have problems with girls, as did I, have problems with shyness, introversion, and conversational skills.

I will go even further and dare to say that the most common question men have when they want to approach a girl is “what will I say to her?”

We have an amazing system to help anyone with his conversational skills and make them conversational masters!

And when I was equipped with these new tools I couldn’t stop talking.

Literally, I was so excited I am able to talk next to girls and express myself that I was talking the shit out of them.

And that’s when I started seeing a serious decrease in my results and in the quality of my interactions in general.

There was something I didn’t understand, the same thing I am going to share with you now.


The Power of Leaving Things Unsaid

Words are definitely a precise type of information.
If you want to express complex ideas and share details, there is no better way of doing so than a conversation.

The problem starts when you forget that The Core of Interacting with Women is Exchanging Emotions.

Emotional information, unlike logical information, is delivered using mostly your Non-Verbal Communication.

Your touch, eye contact, tonality, body language… When you want to express something truly deep about yourself, these are the tools you use for communication.

On the shallow level, it’ll be the difference between saying to a girl “I date a lot of girls and I can kick you out any moment if you misbehave” and denying attention from her when she misbehaves.

The 1st will make her certain you truly don’t date other girls and will kill any attraction that was there.
The 2nd will get the point through so clearly you will see an immediate change in her behavior.

On a deeper level, it’ll be the difference between saying “I think you are very cute” vs simply smiling to her.

The 1st is declaring your opinion out loud.
The 2nd is conveying it using your body & emotions so clearly it clears out any need of words.

And that’s the key I want you to learn here 🙂

Sometimes, saying something out loud is bold, authentic, and confident.
Sometimes, it’s weak, fake, and feels like you are begging for reassurance.


How Can I Know?

Great question.

Girls will always catch up on this, they are masters in understanding the non-verbals.
That’s why you want to get rid of this behavioral pattern.

Sure, it’s cool you can finally interact with girls and never run out of things to say.
However, the art of knowing what needs to be said and what should be unspoken will make you feel much more confident, strong, and masculine, and will convey all of this to the girl without any doubt!

This is how you develop it:

  1. When you want to say something, or you already said something, STOP.
  2. Repeat what you just said.
  3. try to narrow down the words in the sentence as much as possible in a way that will keep the core information you wanted to share intact.

For example (and this is one I see guys do A LOT!):
“Hey, I have to say… I saw you from over there and you were so gorgeous so I had to come here and say hi!”

With a big smile on your face.

You didn’t need any of these words here, your whole point was to say hi?
So just say hi.

This practice holds much more power into it.
Some things can remain unspoken.

I am not saying don’t complement the girl, on the contrary.

Just when you do, keep it sharp, you don’t need to EXPLAIN YOURSELF!

The same thing is true not only to complements.

For Example,
Think about this time you tried to schedule a date with a girl on texting.
You suggest time and place, she brings up logistical problems, you try to solve them, and you start playing a very emasculating game of “catch me if you can”.
Instead – “When are you free?”

The fact is, stating the obvious will make a fool out of you. 

Telling her how sexy she is once can be erotic and confident.
Repeating it over and over again shows you are insecure about her liking you and you constantly test it.

Telling her you’re sorry that you are late for the date because you lost track of time is the gentlemanly thing to do.
Going into a monologue about how people always late to different places is stupid and makes you seem boring and insecure about you being late.

Generally, Telling her a story and going into every tiny little detail is a big turn off.
Every story has a point and the buildup to this point. That’s all you need. Let go of how it reminds you of your cousin suzan in that time she… and give the girl some space to speak.

Sure, Now you can talk on and on…
Only When You NEED TO!



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