Why Do Women Love Confident Guys?

When you ask a girl or a woman to describe the characteristics of the ideal guy, one of the first things she will tell you is Confidence! They love guys who are self-confident, guys who are proud of themselves, guys who know what they want.

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Confidence is the biggest aphrodisiac through the whole history of mankind.

Why is that you may ask?

Just like in everything else, you have to look for the answers of this question in biology. See, since girls are emotional, a big portion of their life is controlled by how they feel. Hence, they go through massive emotional changes, sometimes close to an emotional roller coaster. There is a strong biological reason for this. The downside of this is – it makes them feel vulnerable and insecure. Their emotions are telling them to do the opposite things than what logic and society rules do. This makes them feel confused, shy. Because of all of that their unconscious is seeking for stability, safety and a strong lead from their partner. Therefore, they need someone who is stronger, who is not affected by society rules, who is not emotionally unstable. That’s why their bodies are not attracted to nice guys, weak guys who don’t know what they want.

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Confident guys provide with:

  • Stability, protection, women feel safe in their presence.
  • Confident guys know what they want and they are not afraid to get it.
  • Confident guys are sexy because they are direct and honest. They say what they mean.
  • Confident guys are not restricted by society rules.
  • Confident guys are in touch with their sexuality, so they will openly talk about it.
  • Confident guys are independent and self-sufficient. He does not need her to be happy, because he is already happy with his life, and he’s inviting her to share that happiness.
  • Confident guys are aware of a woman’s needs and how to fulfill them. Therefore, they lead her to her happiness!
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I love this quote from SkylightCenter:
“Women like direct, confident men the same way a salsa dancer likes a good Man’s lead. When there is clarity and direction, she feels relaxed. If she can’t trust his movements, they step on one another’s toes. If he is direct and clear in his leadership, however, everyone wins.”

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