Winter vs. Summer Perfumes

Perfumes: Let me teach you something new. Something you were not aware of yet.
We talked about how girls’ senses are more sensitive then men’s. Their noses are way more developed than ours. You, as a seducer, want to do the best you can in all the segments of your game.

Body language, dressing style, confidence and of course – have a good perfume…

Winter vs. summer perfumes - Badboy Lifestyle

Winter vs. summer perfumes

Speaking of perfume, did you know that there are winter and summer fragrances and there is a big difference between them. You cannot wear winter perfume in summer and summer perfume in winter. Girls can actually tell the difference. Your nose and skin can tell the difference.

Which perfumes are good for winter?

Winter perfumes tend to be very heavy, anything that is dense and thick with warming notes like tobacco/leather can work best in winter. Winter perfumes smell differently during hot summer days and they do not smell good with additional skin sweat.

Along with autumn, summer is possibly the best time of the year for a man to reevaluate his perfume collection.
With temperatures rising, it’s time for something lighter, fresher and altogether more summery.

Which perfumes are good for summer?

Super-fresh citrus scents are proven in our tests and give best results with girls during summer. They are fresh, fruity and sexy.

For this summer Badboy chooses: Hermes Terre d’Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche
Winter vs. summer perfumes - Badboy Lifestyle

A full list of perfumes that are really good for seduction you can find here. Make sure you know what you are choosing for yourself and you can put the right impression for your presence.

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