Why you should text her right after you got her number on day game

When and Why You Should Text Her

Once you get a phone number from a girl, it comes the question: When should you text her? In previous article we talked what to send her as a first text message, but we didn’t  explained when to send her. Now, we’re gonna explain why you should text her right after you got her phone number during daytime.

First of all, timing is crucial.

Timing is everything.

Everything in life comes to choosing right timing.

When we talk about text-messaging it comes down to timing as well. You can send perfect text but at wrong time and it won’t work.
So be really aware of when do you send that first Text message!

You may ask why?
There is a big difference between spending 35 min talking with her and getting phone number Vs spending 3 min talking with her and getting her phone number.
In first case, she will remember you for 1-2 days and its ok to send her text next day, in 2nd case (3min close)  she will forget you within 15min after meeting you. And that’s why you should text her right after you got her phone number in this case.

You have to understand we all live busy life, we are overloaded with daily tasks. All of us are overloaded with our schedule. Both Man and Woman. Did you notice sometimes you forget what you had for a lunch 1hour ago. Our brains are bombarded with millions of informations per day.
So main problem when choosing right timing for sending texts is “she forgets you”. Do not let her forget you!

No matter what always try to stay as long in conversation as possible before you take a number to create as much connection as possible. this is Rule No 1#. Good conversation where you “click” with her will solve lots of problems.

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In order to make it simple for you I will give you easy Formula that will tell you exactly when you have to send a first text
message to her.

How Long to Wait Formula:

Why you should text her right after you got her number - Badboy Lifestyle

1 min of conversation  = 1 hour of waiting

 Yes! Its simple as that.

If you talked with girl 20min in a club, Maximum you can wait is 20 hours to text her. After that time phone number will Expire, she will forget about you and its game over.

If you talked with girl 2 min on street and got her number, maximum you can wait is 2 hours.
There is an exception to this rule. If you talked with a girl 1-3 minutes and you had no time to build connection. you can and you should start texting her as soon as you get number. Send her a smiley, 10 sec after separating her…start texting so even you are separated, you still talk..

“You are gone and I already miss you, come back 🙂 “
“ forgot to ask you , what star sign are you? Leo ?”
This way you bridge conversation. Ok, you didn’t have enough time to build proper connection, so you just continue conversation on whats app as she is walking away from you.
Incorporate this into your Texting Toolbox Playboys.

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