Why you have to touch girls while talking to her

Why touching girls is so important?

So many times I have seen situation where guy is talking to girl, and she is loving conversation, but he did not touch her body one single time in 15min conversation. This is something most  guys do wrong!

I have heard so many times, “But I am afraid to touch her”.
“ I don’t feel comfortable”…
“I am afraid to be sexual”

She will bite you/ kill you if you touch her shoulder or arm?


establishing physical contact with person during regular day to day conversation is normal. It is just one layer of communication. In seduction this layer is crucial for success.

How many times we have said that to seduce a girl, you have to seduce her mind (talking) and you have to seduce her body (touching). Only when you have both elements under control girl or woman will be ready to have sex with you.

Why her body is so important?

Building comfort


Sex is very intimate and physical activity. She has to be really comfortable with someone to let him go inside her body. That comfort is crucial. With your touching during conversation you are building this necessary comfort. You are sending signals to her unconscious mind : his touch feels good, its ok to be touched by him, I am comfortable with him touching my body.

All you have to do is to follow Physical touch formula :

Green zones —> Yellow zones—> Red zones

If you take care of this three zones of her body in right order
you cover nonsexual areas, then semi-sexual, and as final she will let you to proceed to fully sexual zones.

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Building up Sexual tension

Another important element why you have to touch her during seduction / conversation, is to build up sexual tension between you and her. Sexual energy is accumulated in her body, not in her mind. By touching her body in a semi-sexual way, you are sending signals to her unconscious mind, and she will start to get sexual thoughts and start feeling more sexual / hornier.

Decision will she go home with you and have sex with you comes from her Unconscious mind, therefore you have to send as much positive messages to her unconscious through body as possible.

This is main reason why lots of guys end up in friend zone! They play is safe, non sexual and end up with girls seeing them as friends and nothing more… ” this guy is not into me, doesn’t want to fuck me!”
They send zero sexual signals to her mind and body.



Guys are afraid that she will react negative is you touch her. And this is true, sometimes you will over do it or touch in a wrong way and she won’t like it. This will all feedback. Positive or negative its all feedback. It shows you direction. It shows you what she likes. I love when girl shows me path how she likes to be seduced. All you have to do is read signals. Its like driving a car. Negative reaction is just a signal. You didn’t lost girl, she just told you : “I don’t like this”

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