4 core reasons why man fail with woman

Do you know what is no 1 reason why guys fail all over planet with woman constantly?

Would you like to know the truth?

I was so blind back in the days.

While traveling around planet, coaching guys to get better with woman, teaching them moves, skills, and shortcuts to getting girls, I realised most of guys had much bigger problem then girls.

Their failing with girls wasn’t because they were bad with girls, but it was a symptom of a bigger problem they had. Problem that reflects in every area of life. In life you always have to look behind the surface. Everything in life has multiple layers.

Even tho I started as a Dating Coach and my mission was to help guys all over planet with girls. And hell no one can do it better then me, while fixing guys problems with girls I accidentally opened a Pandora’s Box of mankind. I discovered the true problem why man fail miserably with woman. 


You wanna know?

I will tell you, just friendly warning, do not get insulted or let your ego gets hurt if you find yourself on this list!
This is a virus that is taking over whole mankind, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you find out that some of elements here are stopping you as well. 


Forget everything you know about seduction and girls (just for a moment).


The core reason why you or any other man on this planet struggle with girls can be found inside of these 4 elements. If you suck at just one of them I guaranty you will have problems with opposite sex.


Poor Communication skills

Sad young man looking through the window

If you can’t talk smoothly and be interesting to girls, run fluent conversation, lets be honest, you can’t expect much of success with girls. I realised, every guy that had problem with girls, had a  problem with initiating and maintaining conversation. Until you fix this problem, not much you can do with girls.

Luckily for everybody this one can be fixed relatively fast. 


Poor Social Skills (Social & Emotional Intelligence)

If you cannot recognise situations fast and react or adapt to them, be social or feel good being social, you just like every other man will have problems with girls. Woman are extremely social creatures, and your social & emotional intelligence has to be high to be able to play and interact  with them.
Can this be learned? Of course


I noticed this is a rule of a thumb. Insecurity turns off woman on genes level. They can’t even control this reaction. Girls, woman, are programmed by nature to seek for confident man. Confidence attracts them. Confidence turns them on. Insecurity turns them off. Lot’s of man fail with this element in game of life. Being a man represents confidence.

Your inner voice and your beliefs can kill your confidence.

Any projection of insecurity will turn them off. Its a fact
You can either attract them with your confidence or turn them off with your insecurity. Which one is it for you?

Good news is, there is a way to build up confidence.


Being a Man not boy!



I had lots of 30-35yo students coming up to me, asking me to teach them how to get models, hottest girls on planet, 9’s and 10’s,  while they were still living with their parents, being broke or working on some poor paid job. WTF?

See, woman seek for stability, for protection, for success from us man.

Man has to be successful in his life and then share that success with woman.

Woman want Independent man who knows what he’s doing in life.


There are so many man out there filing with this basic elements on life. Yes failing on those elements of life will make you fail with woman. Its a domino effect!


These are big 4 NO’s to 


So where are you?

Which of these elements is killing your success with girls?
Take a moment and think about it. 

As I said these problems are not end of the world. We live in 2017 and there are solutions for almost all problems out there.

See, you have to understand, that these essential skills you should develop in your school, in your first 10-15 years. But what if you didn’t ?


Just ask yourself, where do you learn those essential life skills, like communication, social intelligence? All of these they should be teaching this in school, but they are not!

Its a gamble. As a kid maybe you develop it maybe not.
If you didn’t develop those skills as a kid, it means you are chosen to fail in life? Probably yes


This is the main reason why I created Life Academy

To give man 2nd chance to learn and develop those essential skills and succeed in life.
What if you could get a tool to fix every skill you suck at? All of it on one place.
You like my blogs and youtube clips? You will LOVE Life Academy!

You suck at Conversational Skills?
No problem.
Start a conversational Skills Course,

Spend 12-15 hours working on it and you are finished. 

You will learn to tell stories, run smooth conversations, be funny, interesting.
Everything they should teach you in school and they didn’t its there inside Conversational Skills Course. Videos, blogs, exercises, missions, quizzes, all of it!  Your problems with running a smooth conversation will be solved.


You have problem with Social & Emotional intelligence?
Well, we have a solution for increasing your emotional and social intelligence.
Do simple daily exercises that will help you boost your EQ & SQ.

You want better, new friends?
No problem,
I will teach you unique formula how to create new friendships, find new amazing people and add them into your social circle.


See, if you want to create a better man inside of yourself, who is successful with girls and with life, you have to develop  those essential skills for success.

That’s why inside Life Academy you will find those essential courses like Conversational Skills, Social Intelligence, Developing Friendships, get better at sex…
This skills are what builds your confidence, your happiness, they are root & core of Success in everything you do in life.

These are all skills that can be developed, learned.

Imagine having a course with examples and lessons to improve every area of your life. Would that be cool?

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