Where to meet woman – Bars or Daytime?

Where to meet woman?

When it comes to the question where to meet woman, a new woman in your life, you have 3 basic options:

1) Social Circle

Probably one of the best ways to meet new woman, probably where most people meet their long-term partners.
Social circles are good option but  with a big limitation. Most of us do not have big social circles with lots of hot new woman to meet.  It takes lots of time to maintain social circle connections. If this is the case with you as well, you have to look at alternative options where to meet woman.

2) Clubbing

This is the option that almost every guy will choose to play with. Go to a clubs, get drunk and try your luck. I love clubs and I love going out. If you are looking for fast results and one night stands this is probably the best option. Learn all moves, openers, what to talk and you are ready. All those things you can find inside my Life Academy. So if you are looking for where to meet woman for one-night-adventure  and you are willing to spend money on it, go for Club. Downside of clubbing is that it costs money to go out and it can be really hard to go out when you get older. You simply have no energy for it.

3) During Daytime

Where to meet woman - Bars or Daytime? - Badboy Lifestyle

If you are more chill-out guy and you prefer more relaxed, spontaneous way to meet woman, then you should choose this option. This is my favourite option, and my answer to you where to meet new woman. Answer is EVERYWHERE during daytime.

Girls during daytime have their shields down, they don’t get approached at all, and its more real, natural, and spontaneous to meet them.

They are in cafes, malls, streets, parks, restaurants. Therefore, there are hot girls everywhere around us. They are in police station updating their documents, or in supermarkets buying their food. There are women everywhere around us. And most of all – those girls are lonely. Big majority of them are Single.

Those same girls with bitch shields in clubs will walk friendly and open during day.

Let me teach you how you can meet those girls today!

These are the easiest situations where to meet woman during daytime:

1. Walking down the street

Probably one of the easiest ways to meet a new girl during daytime. Just stop her with Badboy’s stop techniques and go full direct: “I like you, who are you.. what’s your name”. Girls simply love bold and dominant guys who know what they want and they are not afraid to get it.

2. girls in a cafe

This is one of the most common situation you will see all over our little planet. 2 girls drinking their coffee, and talking in cafe or restaurant. In this case you can use 2 different approaches.  Use the “Hand’s on table” technique, approach and sit down with them. You can also use more indirect type, where you sit on table next to them, order a drink and initiate a conversation sitting next to them.

Openers, full techniques and live examples, as well you can find in Day Game course of Life Academy.

3. Walking with a dog

Dogs are usually replacements for a boyfriend. These girls are really easy and friendly to approach. Full technique on approaching girls with dogs you can find in this article

4. Public transportation

Where to meet woman you say? Well they all use public transportation. Approach them and engage them in easy conversation and create good connection.

And try to care less about what others think about you when talking and approaching girls.

You can find resources to start now to change your life. Check more than 15 courses inside my Life Academy.




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