Phone Game – When to call her

Lately we have been talking a lot about how and what and when to text her once you have her number, it is a part of phone game. But at some point you might be wondering if and when to call her. If the whole idea is to get in (literally) touch with her, why bother only sending messages back and forth? So lets talk about phone game


We will first have to consider logistics: whether she is working, or out with the family, etc. These things usually don’t have much influence when texting, if she cannot reply now she will later. But when it comes to talking on the phone, it becomes really important. She might not be able to pick up the phone when you call her. 

So beforehand you want to have a bit of an idea of what her average day looks like: mainly whether she works during the day, at night, evening, etc. Based on that you will know what times you cannot call her during those times.

Phone Game Step 1# – When to call her

Choose right time to call her - Phone game by Badboylifestyle

At the beginning of any relationship with a girl it will be best you call her:

  • When she is not working
  • When you are texting
  • And conversation is going back and forth, so you don’t wait 2 hours for her replies

When a conversation is going back and forth is because you are both having fun with it, take it to the next level – Call her!


A lot of guys will try calling her anytime and she might not want to talk with them at that moment. You are not those guys. You are consistently learning new things we are teaching you which make you better at getting girls.

What you need to do is let her know it is not convenient for you to keep typing; you are going to drive or need to do something that requires your hands, but not your mouth and ears.  Transition from texting to phone game / phone call has to be smooth .So you let her know you are having fun with her but cannot type anymore and text her “can you talk?”


Doing this you are not asking her for permission, but you are being honest and polite making sure she is ok with the call. This is core of phone game. See, sometimes she will not be available for it because she has family around or something else, you are ok with that. In those cases you just end conversation as you usually would and reinitiate it later on in the day.

Stay in touch, talk to you next week!

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