What to Text Her After Sex

This post is especially dedicated to all you players out there, to those of you who are getting laid and want to improve, those of you who get laid every now and then and want to do it more often, and of course those of you who want to know more what to do after sex with her!

First Text after Sex


The first text message you send her after sex has to be a continuation of the moment you were experiencing when you said goodbye to her after sex. It has to be:

  • Positive
  • Caring
  • Use a kiss emoji at the end (see previous Emoji’s post)
    • Whether you use the face throwing a kiss, or lips or kissing face with smiling eyes emoji is up to you. I prefer the blow a kiss emoji with the little heart, it sort-of creates more connection
  • Has to be simple!


Be Nice, but Not Mister Nice Guy

Have you ever heard of buyer´s remorse, where you buy something out of impulse and then regret having bought it?

You have to make it so she doesn’t feel this way with you.

Just because you managed to get her in bed doesn´t mean you can do whatever you like with her now.

It´s literally the other way around: remember you were treating her nice before you got in bed together?

Carry on like this.

Continue talking with her and having fun with her, this is the most important thing.

If she got in bed with you as you were acting and texting, quite simply, do not change what you were doing: keep it going.

Tease Her

Now more than before you can tease her on more things because you know how she is, what she looks like naked, things that she might like more or dislike, things that happened during sex, etc.

It is very important when teasing that she understands the real meaning of your words and not what you are apparently saying.

Using the same principle as Badboy explains in this video on teasing, you throw a comment and add some emoji’s to change the meaning of the comment:


Guys stay in touch, shortly more on texting and the coming of the book!

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