What is secret strategy behind Summer Camp?

The structure of Summer Camp was never really discussed publicly, it was always a company well-kept secret.  Only the coaches and ex-campers who went through the program knew how the program looks like and why those concepts are so successful. Over the last 10 years, the program got better and better with every revision and it came out to pure perfection today.

This is the first time we are openly talking about how The Summer Camp works from inside, and why it’s one of the Best Seduction training camps in World.

If you are still thinking over what to do this summer, and you haven’t done any plans yet, seriously consider turning this summer holidays into the craziest adventure ever.

Summer Camp was designed with the idea to make possible for guys to have an amazing summer beach holidays that they wouldn’t have with their friends or families. 

Holidays where they truly enjoy summer, beach, girls, parties, cocktails, have cool friends, wingmen, bring nice girls together back to the house every day, enjoy time with them and at the same time spend a big portion of the day with the top dating coaches improving their skills day by day.



What is the best part of “Men” Summer? Sitting in a cafe with your friends, watching all those sexy young sexy girls in bikinis, watching those perfect bodies walking around, imagining having sex with them, imagining having them in your bedroom. You have been there, you have done that. It’s a very well known process of thoughts to every man. You know that you cannot have them, but your imagination is running crazy. Some guys spend whole their summer talking/commenting those girls ” she has such a nice ass/body”, nothing really ever happens. There is no action, Those beach fantasies stay just wild fantasies that never come true. This is what Summer camp is all about! Turning those fantasies into Reality. Learning techniques, methods, building confidence, conversational skills to make those sweet sexy dreams come true. So you become the guy who actually can approach those sexy girls in bikinies on beach,  hae fun with them, get their numbers and date them that same evening!



If you want to have perfect holidays, training and gaming environment, the location has to be ideal. Lots of hot sexy girls, chill vibe, not too expensive, sunny weather, great food and convenient infrastructure (airports, hotels, clubs…)

There are very few locations on this planet Earth where logistics are just perfect. The Island of Pag is one of the very few places that has just everything. A small town on the Adriatic coast packed with hot European girls that came to the island to spend “amazing summer holidays”. Party beach full of cute cocktail bars, clubs, where you can meet and seduce hottest girls you have ever seen.

Usually, guys fuck up their holidays by going cheap on accommodation. Low-cost hotels too far away from beach/center or small shared Airbnb rooms. Remember logistics are 70% of a good game and awesome holidays. We make sure that our guys have the Best foundation for an amazing time. Villa on the beach with 15 apartments and a swimming pool only 2 min walk from cafes/ bars/ restaurants solves all the logistical problems one can have with “pulling” girls back to his place. 


This is where The True Magic happens. If you want to have top quality training, you need to have top quality mentors.
 This is where no other coaching in the world can compare. Not one, not two instructors, not 5… But 15 coaches working on your skills around the clock (day and night).

15 top coaches, all experts in their area (your body-language, conversational skills, dressing style, confidence, inner game, sexual escalation, Day game, Club game, dancing)…Our Coaches are divided into 5 teams – Day Game, Night Game, Inner Game team, Dancing & Body-Language, Personal Assistants ). Within these 11 days of holidays, you get trained by all the coaches several times in group & individual session.


Because there are 5 teams working in different hours of day/night, training goes around the clock. You can get as much training as you would like. You can literally “kill yourself” with the amount of coaching. Sessions are happening around the island all day and all night. Any moment of day or night you step out of your apartment, there will be some caching happening around the island.  Feel free to attend all of them. Of course, this is your holidays and we do not want to kill you. Whenever you feel you need a break, feel free to get some sleep or grab a beach sofa with a cocktail and enjoy your summer with your new friends.


The first day of Summer Camp, the big group will be divided into smaller groups (3-5 guys) based on your current skill level /personality type. Rest of your training will be personalized for your skill level ( Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced ). Follow your daily program or request Individualized coaching sessions if you get stuck.



A typical morning starts at 10 am with a buffet breakfast following up last night debriefing with Badboy. It is the most important session of a day. A session where you discuss success you had previous day/night, get new techniques to play within the upcoming day. Some things you’ll get will work for you amazingly, some not at all. Our job on these morning sessions is to analyze what is working for you and what else can be improved added into your game/personality.


Afternoons are dedicated for Day activities. Street approaches, beach approaches, talking to girls in cafes, cocktail bars, restaurants,  pool parties all with a dedicated instructor monitoring your every approach, analyzing your moves, giving you instant feedback, and pushing you to get better and better.

Lots of girls do not go to nightclubs or bars at night, so this is an only time in a day to meet them, get their numbers and date them in evening. Every day you should be ending up with several new phone numbers for your evening’s dates


8-11pm is time to date all those sexy girls you met on the beach during the afternoon. It’s a time to work on your new dating routine that you will get on the first day of the Summer Camp. Some days you will end up with 3-4 dates scheduled in one evening. You will be given a special scenario of how to deal with those stressful evenings 🙂


Every night you will have an option to spend a night with one of your girls or to attend a clubbing session and spend a night with Instructor of your choice working on your club game. Learning how to approach, create attraction, handle groups, make them horny, isolate from friends etc… You will be getting techniques how to get fast kiss closes or insta-fucks on the beach. With 20-50 approaches per night on Zrce beach, total over 400-500 accumulated approached in 11 nights, you will become a true master of Club game, and there will be no club situations that you cannot handle, that you are not trained for.


We all have some Inner game issues, some stuff to work on and during such intense training some old unsolved traumas may come out on the surface. Our Emergency Inner-game team will be on site available 24/7 for such situations ready to jump in and do interventions on your inner game. Depression, fears, approach anxiety, insecurities, childhood traumas are their favorite topics.


Being able to talk naturally and relaxed to a woman is a key component of any seduction. We place lots of importance on this segment of personality and during the Summer Camp, there are individual conversational exercises every single day that you can attend. Whenever you feel you need to work more on your conversation, attend few more conversational improv session and get this problem solved.


Almost every guy out there is ashamed of his dancing skills & ability to follow the rhythm of the music. We strongly believe that a man should feel good in his skin wherever he goes. Our dancing sessions led by amazing dancing Champ will help you to master your first dancing moves, learn how to move your body in different music styles and learn to feel amazing on the dance-floor.


Texting became core part of Modern dating today. There is no more dating or casual sex without decent texting skills! It’s one of the important additional skills you will be mastering during this Summer Camp. Since previous years on summer camp guys lost way too many girls they met due to poor texting skills, this year we decided to add one more cool thing to make Summer Camp even better. Dedicated texting assistant! An instructor ( female) who will be at your disposal 24/7 helping you, assisting you with writing / replying/setting up dates. How cool is that?


In your free time, you will have a chance to hang out and wing to other guys from all over the world. By winging every night different guys, you will understand how does your ideal wingman looks like and skills you need to have to be a great wingman. Every night you will have an opportunity to bring girls back to your place and share them with your wing-man.




Someone once said: Repetition is a mother of all learning!

Its all about accumulated experience. Average man meets maybe5-10 new women per month. That is 5-10 new conversations per month. That is a true power of Summer Camp. By doing 10-25 approaches during daytime and 20-30 overnight under tight supervision of our Instructors, you are expanding a massive amount of “conversational experience”. A person goes beyond and above what is normal. Within 11 days you gain more conversational experience then an average man does in a lifetime! By doing that amount of approaches( 200-500 ), your social intelligence, social skills, emotional intelligence, cultural calibration and communicational skills will skyrocket.
Watch 15 min documentary about Summer Camp on youtube 


It took us years to fit all coaches/ sessions together into a perfect smooth program that if fun, light but very successful in the end. The complexity of the program is a reason why no other dating/seduction company managed to copy this event. It’s very complex training to organize and Run and therefore the reason why it happens only once a year. It was designed to be the best coaching platform/ event in the world, and 10 years later, still on top. Reserve your seat and join us this August.


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