Tourmaline – protection from negative energy

With the last post about Ayahuasca, I decided to open your eyes and share my experience with Jungle. In this post, I will open one more door that you may know nothing about it.

One of the things I started to seriously play and experiment with lately are Crystals.  I was always an “explorer of life” and I like discovering new things, pushing the limit of what you can do in life. Acquiring new skills, pearls of wisdom, knowledge. I keep growing every day in knowledge and skills.

The world has changed

We live in one very fucked up society. I believe this is clear to everyone. And it’s getting worst. There is more and more negative people around us, scams, negative energy, EM radiation, frequencies that are not natural.. We are surrounded by stress energy on daily basis. Question is what can one do, to live best he can in this modern world?

We all love technology, we all love our gadgets, but we haven’t been smart enough to see the long-term downside of those same things. Radiation is all over us, ER, cellphones, wi-fi routers… etc

Life is becoming harder, time flies faster, there is less and less time to do more and more things. Partially reason to that is the frequency of life we live.
Did you notice more and more people meditate, they do some yoga, relaxation or practice some other form of “anti-stress” techniques? Modern science and medicine do not offer a good solution for this urban-lifestyle we are trying to live. Almost every day I hear that someone got cancer, tumor, or got seriously ill. These are all consequences of life we live. Back in days, a good night of a sleep was enough for one to clear all stress he accumulated during the day. Today just asleep is not enough to deal with all shit we accumulated during the average working day. So meditation and other practices are needed to live a balanced life. In that search for better-balanced life, I came across lots of interesting things and old knowledge.

One thing that I found very useful to deal with all of this are crystals.

What are Crystals?

I think this sentence explains it well :
“The most common way the power of crystals is explained is through frequency. Because at molecular levels crystals are arranged in a highly ordered structure, they are one of the most cohesive expressions of physical matter.”

Just to be clear, I am not an expert at crystals, not a healer. I just started to play with them hard-core and I am discovering lots of power that I can do with them.

Believe it or not today we live in a Crystal age. Silicon, quartz, and other crystals are being used in all electronics we know today. From credit cards to cellphone, computers, tvs.. etc

Each crystal has a constant unique vibration/frequency. Some are good for making you relax, some to bring you to alpha state of mind, some are good for blocking other energies/frequencies.. etc. I suggest you do a little research on Google about it and educate yourself!


Its just one of very powerful crystals I use/carry with myself on daily basis. And I believe you should get one as well. Here is why:

Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful crystals for protection and elimination of negative energy. It helps to put an energetic boundary between you and others so that you don’t pick up unwanted energies.  Whether you’re an empath, who is prone to taking on the negative energy of others, or recent incidents in your life have you feeling especially vulnerable to other people’s moods

I think we all experienced situation where you are talking to someone for few minutes and after that interaction, you feel extremely tired almost exhausted, as a person “sucked” energy from you. Or you hang out with sad/negative/ depressed people for some time and they managed to suck you in their state.

Tourmaline is so good cure for those people. Its energy field protects you from negativity and instead of you absorbing it all that energy, it all goes inside stone (crystal).

I have been playing with it for a few months now, and I can say I feel the difference. I tested it on several “clubbing sessions” and “day game” sessions. I bought few small “pocket size tourmaline” and keeping them in my jeans pocket as I go around.. You can really feel it working, it’s becoming really warm/hot when you are talking with people ( absorbing negative energy from them, that usually goes in your body). Conversations/ interaction with people s do not tire you or you feel bad anyhow after them. I remember I used to be so tired after a night out. Now I feel much better, since going out with tourmaline in the pocket.

Buy yourself one or two in your local crystal shop or order online 

It’s really amazing what this stone/crystal can do. All you have to do is clean it once you come home  ( clean negative energies inside him).  I come to point in my life where there is no way you will get me to a bar or a club without Tourmaline.  

Radiation Blocker – EMF protection

Once I realized the potential of it I started playing with it more. I bought few for my home as well. Undoubtedly dark tourmaline is the best stone to use against harmful electromagnetic fields. I placed it around my house, routers, computer. etc

On Next Summer Camp we will do an advanced workshop on how to use Crystals ( which ones ), how to choose them, work with them, program them, clean them.. etc

Crystals are really fun to play and use. I found ways to pump your energy with them, get more productive at work, increase your sexual energy, attract girls into your life, and much much more.

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