10 Things to have at home when she comes

What are things to have to home to play with her when she comes over?

There are several things that are crucial to have at home for seduction. Check this list and go shopping if needed. Your pimp-apartment should be ready for sex anytime in day or week.

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5 Basic things to have at home :

10 things to have at home when she comes over - by BadboyLifestyle

1) Music

Play some good lounge or chill-out music to make her relaxed when she comes over. Create yourself good playlist, and get yourself some nice speaker. Don’t be a geeky guy who is playing music on his PC on cheap PC speakers.

2) Movies

Its always good to have a good collection of movies, to play, or to be subscribed to Netflix or some other movies-directory streaming. Inviting girl to come over to watch some movie with you is easiest way to get them back to your place.

3) Drinks

When we talk about things to have at home when girl comes over, drinks are simply Must Have. Always have ready bottle of good red and white wine.

4) Condoms

Well, whats the point of everything if you do not have condoms prepared? Place them on strategic location around your place. Living room, bedroom, kitchen.. Condoms should be easy to reach from your bed/sofa.

5) Dimmed lights

Light can set such a good atmosphere. Romantic and sexy mood. Majority of girls are very uncomfortable being naked on full bright light. they are very conscious about their bodies. Dimmed lights solve this problem. Dim lights and they will be ok being naked in your place!

These are essential, basic set of things to every guy, player, should have at home. Now lets talk about “Advanced set of stuff for dating

5 Advanced things to have at home:

Woman having massage in the spa salon

1) Massage Oil

Girls love when you massage them. Learn some basic moves and buy a really good massage oil. Its so easy to sexually escalate and turnthem on, get them naked with this trick. Learn massage!

2) Nargila / Sisha

Really good party tool / excuse to get girls back home. Learn how to make one and invite girls to smoke with you. The more “entertainment” like this you have at your place, the easier is to get them home.

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3) Sex toys

Girls love guys who like to play and go beyond vanilla sex. Experiment, have fun, play games with them. Go and buy good dildo, handcuffs, blindfold, and have it ready for use.

4) Snacks

Girls are always hungry after good sex. Actually we both are hungry after sex. So make sure you have some snacks, or some actual food in your fridge. Something you can do fast and does not takes much of preparation.

5) Lubricants

Sometimes girl is tense, she cannot get wet, or you would like to try anal with her... its always smart to have a bottle of Lubricants in your place

Now once your place is set and prepared, read how to set up a date, and bring her home


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