The Wildest Experience of my Life – Ayahuasca

I just came back from Amazon Jungle in Peru. Where I spend 1 month cut off from all civilization benefits. Many asked where I am, am I still alive..etc. Well, I experienced the wildest and crazies experience ever.

1 month of Ayahuasca

If you follow my work, my life, you probably know I have done it all in terms of the physical world. Money, fame, cars, girls, parties, sex… you name it.

But before we start, Warning from my end. You may not understand or accept some of concepts/ ideas/ experiences that I will present here. Try to stay open-minded as you read and just accept that there is more then your eyes can see. Accept that there is more then what you experienced on earth so far.
This was a life-changing experience for me and if read this blog post here   a month ago, I would probably think as well ” this guy is crazy”. Now after being there for a month, seeing it, living it, my perception of the world we live has totally changed. Most of you may not be ready for this, but I feel I have to talk about it anyway.

So a month ago I went with 2 friends deep inside Jungle of Amazon(Peru) to spend a month with 2 amazing curanderos ( Shamans) learning about Ayahuasca, and other jungle medicine.


Why I did it

I have to say it was longest, hardest, wildest, Worst and Best month of my Life. All together at once.
Why did I do it? Well, I was looking for some deeper answers, my mission, purpose, a role for this life, why some things happened in my life and which way to go, and many more questions that are really hard to answer. I always felt and knew that I am here to help other people and lead them. I always felt it, but I never could understand why is that. Well, I can proudly say I got answers to all of my questions and much much more. Some of the answers and how I got them shocked me.

About Ayahuasca

Power of Ayahuasca is really amazing. It’s the core  Medicine of Jungle. There are records that Ayahuasca has been used for more than 350.000 years. Our modern medicine is 50-60 years old 🙂 Once you drink it during ceremony you can really feel its intelligence working on you. It helps you to clean up everything that does not belong to you . So you go through lots of hardcore purging (throwing up). Sometimes that goes for a whole night. I could never imagine you can purge your old beliefs, fears, insecurities, things that do not serve you anymore, cancers…etc… Things I have seen in m犀利士
y bucket and what others were dealing with and throwing up from their bodies is beyond insane. Probably the easiest way to explain it, is you take your phone and click on the option” reset to factory settings”. That’s what Ayahuasca does to you and your body. It’s hardcore, in some moments you think you will die. But its a process you have to go through. But benefits and things you get afterwords are well worth it, It puts you in a passenger seat and takes control over your body. and you shit, vomit for hours, sometimes you ask yourself where the hell is this coming from? Because you eat one banana whole day and things keep coming out from you for hours ??
During ceremony which is around 6-7 hours during the night, you are NOT in some trance-state, but fully and totally awake. I would say deep meditation state, but with full access to things and knowledge that you cannot usually reach. That is why they call Ayahuasca Internet of a Jungle / Mother of all plants. Because it gives you  access the collective knowledge of this planet and beyond. Imagine if you would take an average person from 60ies and place them in front of the computer today and show them —> answers to all your questions. Access to all knowledge of humankind. Well, that’s how it feels on Ayahuasca. But on Google from Universe.

But in general I would summarize 2 basic things that Ayahuasca does :


Full access to your OS (Brain & Body)

This really shocked me at the beginning. The ability that I could go and access memories from when I was 1/ 2 years old.  That I can access any belief, and memory, bad habit and edit it/ delete it like accessing a file or folder on the computer. You can imagine how I felt once I discovered I can access a “control panel” for my body and mind. But this goes slowly Ayahuasca is showing you more and more each time you take it, it takes you deeper and deeper. I guess it depends on a person, how fast this goes, but I went really deep form very beginning. Probably because I meditate regularly and I am used to it, Once I discovered what I can do, next morning I wrote down in my journal, things I want to play with.  I was still not a believer, so it was a test a well.

I had a habit of biting nails for whole my life. I never could understand where it came from, so It sounded like a good start.During next ceremony (every 2nd day), I asked, “ok Ayahuasca, please show me why am I biting my nails”. and boom, a few seconds later, the movie comes to my eyes. I am 8 years old, 2nd grade of primary school, few minutes before some stupid exam. I felt nervous as shit. I could actually feel nervousness and fear in my body as I am lying down on my mat. I was there 8 years old.. I was in shock. Next scene I saw, I bit my bit my nail and felt relief. This is the moment when it all started. My next thought was, ok, I  found it, let’s see can I delete it. I used basic NLP since I am aware I am accessing deepest levels of my Unconcious mind. levels that usually its hard to access even with Hypnosis, regression and other tools I used before. Maybe not in this case, but some things that I managed to access were the core of my personality, I could only dream to reach them. On Ayahuasca you have access to all of it, to whole your life starting from the time when you were inside your mother belly.Everything is recorded and you can access every bit of it. Everytime that I would find something I do not want anymore, or it does not serve me, I would cut it to pieces and burn it. Next morning I woke up things was gone. I would feel super light, fresh, and I could not access those memories anymore. This nail-biting habit is super surface level stuff, I wrote it just as an example, and it happened very early in week 1. Since I was there for a month,  I went 1000x deeper into my personality/life and was shown lots of things I was doing wrong, things that I have to change in my personal, business life to reach next levels. Some nights I got insights through visions that will take me some time, probably months to understand and integrate. I have spent lots of time on this level exploring things, and getting insights/ answers like why did I had to meet some people that are in my life, what’s their purpose/mission in my life, why some events happened and lessons I had to learn from them.
To conclude, I would not summarize this segment as a super spiritual experience, this part just gave me full access to my hard drive, control panel, and body to a level that modern medicine can only dream about. Like you could see/ check the status of your liver, kidneys, any organ that you wish in a real-time and ask how to heal it if you found some problems. Next thing you would see food/ingredients you have to eat to heal it. I believe this is a very powerful solution for deep inner game problems, those very few deep things that I and my team cannot fix with conventional tools. Seriously just this was above & beyond my expectations.


Flying to different Dimensions

This is where things went to next level, and before again one warning: I do not want to make you believe into anything. I respect your religion, your religious views ( whatever they are) and I do not wish to attack them in any way. Many wars were started because of different religious views, and I do not wish to start one more. Again this is part of my story that I experienced. Try to be open-minded.

Just to clear it I was raised as Catholic, but I disagree with what church did and is doing with it last 1.000 years.  But no matter the difference ( My God is better than yours), I think that we can all agree that we all have a Soul/Spirit attached to our bodies.It’s really hard to write about this topic, trying not to offend someone. Here follows my first true spiritual experience, and some of you are ready to understand it and accept it, most will are not there yet, and its ok, I wasn’t a month ago as well ready to accept it.
Ayahuasca gives you the ability to fly out of your body up there (Astral) and talk, communicate with other Spirits, souls, visit different dimensions, approach different civilizations… etc. It’s like your best personal SF movie (on steroids). Exchange knowledge with them, learn from them…. As I said, I wasn’t ready for this part of Ayahuasca. I heard things about it, I read about it, but I was like.. yea right.. Until it happened to me.. I was like  ” ok, this is real”.. I learned the rules of the Astral game very fast. But this part happens once you clean your body, and that means lots of purging, and filling in your bucket with all shit you accumulated in your body. There are no words to describe this feeling when you are out there, out of your body, and spirits “downloading” new knowledge, into your brain, into your body. It felt like being in Matrix / Avatar movie. I spent a good portion of last month up there, learning, seeing the truth of the world we live in. And I am super grateful and thankful for this experience because some could not reach that level. I have received a clear vision of things I have done in past (good/bad) and things I have to do in future/ which way I have to walk in future. I cannot really talk about it in public on the blog here because some of it it’s very personal, but if you meet me, I could tell you few of stories in person. But In short I made some new friends up there, and they showed me how some guys are abusing knowledge that I teach, and how much damage it has done to women around the world. Its more than clear to me know what went wrong and how to correct it. Even tho I was always super respectful ( personally) to the woman and thankful for love/ energy/gifts they gave to me, I wasn’t communicating that message very well to you guys, my students, my followers.. Its one of small things that will change in future among everything else I received. As well knowledge I have now and my mission is way beyond ” how to date a girl”.

Good Vs Bad

Some of you are now in the state of mind  ” I want to do it as well”. And that’s good. Do it! But please be super careful with this. Just like anything else, any force, any invention, and the tool can be used for good or for a bad purpose. Knife, for example, can be used to cut bread or as well to kill people. Tesla invented laser light with good intentions, the military came and made a weapon out of it. You have seen Star Wars movies.  Same force can give superpowers to Jedi or go on other side and become a Dark force ( Darth Vader).  Why am I saying this? Same things are happening with Ayahuasca around the world. Ayahuasca is very powerful. Lots of  Shamans went bad and are using its power as a dark force. They found the way to use you during the ceremony, and your power to achieve their personal things. To kill people, etc…More than 60% of Ayahuasca centers around the world right now are working for the dark side.( more money) So be super careful with who you drink Ayahuasca. During last month, few people came to the center where I was possed by some bad spirits because they were at “the wrong ceremony”. I found a super good shaman ( Croatian woman), and after my experience, there is no way I would be drinking Ayahuasca in my life from anyone other than her. Please do not go to the first shaman who does Ayahuasca and drink with him. You will be sorry for a life. I will be organizing some group Ayahuasca trips in future to her, because I want to do it again, and because I believe it can help so many of you.


Devil’s Egg

Last 15 years, I lived very crazy Lifestyle. Traveling around the world, having adventures with girls all over the place, teaching guys, making good money. It was a dream life. And I felt all of it got somehow accumulated in me. Especially when you work with people, you pick up their energy, and if you don’t clean yourself ( on energy level), it stays with you. Especially first 5-7 years of my coaching life, I had no idea how to create shields or clean myself after spending weekends or weeks with guys who had serious problems. I believe even today 95% of coaches don’t know how to do it. On other side, girls as well, One night stands, weekend stays, long-term relationship, it all stays with you for years if you don’t clean them off yourself. So I was seriously looking forward to Ayahuasca to clean all of it. I was ready, to do some serious cleaning of my past turbulent 15 years. I was ready for a reboot to factory settings, But I wasn’t ready for what she found. Somewhere in the process of cleaning( hours and hours of purging, we discovered that I have an Egg inside me ( belly) and that is alive. Once it got discovered, started to give me headaches, it started to move around the body. My Curandero ( shaman) explained to me that it’s a negative entity that spreads via sex. It’s like spiritual STD. An actually better explanation would be that dark side found a way to spread itself around people through sex. Well, I had lots of sex,  and yes some girls were fucked up. I guess we need some spiritual condoms as well. It wasn’t a pleasant thing to hear or to experience. By the words of the shaman, lots of girls around us have it. Guys as well. Luckily for me now  I know how to recognize them now, and I am aware of exactly how it feels to be around a person who has it. Feeling the difference in my body now,  I believe we must be more aware of it.
I will have to add this topic to the program for my next Summer Camp. Next Ceremony, they did a light exorcism, where they sucked this shit from my body. What a relief that was. I felt totally different, so light, so clean. I cannot even imagine how I lived with it without noticing it. Well, one of the easy symptoms to recognize it is losing time of a day like few hours pass without noticing. but that’s just one of it. I will give you guys a full list on Summer Camp. After experiencing it, I see sex and whole “dating” with different light. I feel like 1000X better now.


I would never imagine I would be writing about what I just wrote here. And this is only 5% of what happened. I have stories, material for a book or several books probably. It really changed my life and it was one of most profound experience I had so far. Integrating back to normal life can be hard, I just went through the hardcore experience. As I came back a week ago and for first 3 days I could hear people thoughts, I felt radiation from Gsm antennas all over me. I felt so naked, all my defenses from modern society were destroyed. My body had to build defense again from all of it. Again I am super thankful for seeing who full picture of life on earth and beyond, as well experienced what you can do with your brain. at one moment in the 2nd week, I had to delete parts of my persona and re-build it from the beginning. I highly recommend Ayahuasca, but be super careful with who you do it. Things I have seen are much worst then horror movies. Things that we know but we deeply ignore are out there and they are real. I got some knowledge as well some “other things” and can’t wait to start using them.



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