The Truth About Shit Tests

Shit Test is a term in the seduction community for the tests that girls put you through.
Girls will always test you, they have to, this is their way to make sure you are congruent with your words and actions, that you are who you represent yourself as.
Up until now, there is nothing new, you can find this knowledge in a lot of different pickup forums and youtube channels, this is the basics.

However, there is one thing they never told you, something really critical that will change the whole way you interact with girls and deal with shit tests.
Shit Tests Are NOT About You, It’s About HER.

Let me explain:
Mostly, the way guys deal with shit tests is saying something funny, something that will flip the situation either against her or away from you and moving on with conversation.
It is based on the old belief that shit tests are there for you to prove yourself and your value.
It shows you are an alpha, that you can handle the situation, that you are calm and don’t take her shit seriously, and most importantly, it works.
This is the old way to deal with shit tests, and although it works, it only gets you through it.
The way we do it in Badboy Lifestyle is taking everything that happens to our advantage.

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Her Mindset

What guys doesn’t know is that every shit test comes from her own insecurity.
In her mind, she is concerned, “What will my friends think about me if I won’t be hard to get with him?”, “What will he think about me if I will be to easy with him?”.
This is great because it means she is already want to do something with you, and now when she thinks about it, there are blockages in her way to get there.
She feels insecure, either because of you or because of her friends and you can leverage it in the right direction.

Everything she says, has another meaning to it, what she really meant with it.
“I am not that kind of a girl” – please don’t think I am easy.
“Do you say it to all of the girls?” – Am I even special to you?
“I’m a lesbian” – How much do you want me?

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Your Mindset

A Very powerful belief here will be “I want you, and I am going to do Whatever It Takes to get you”.
This belief, if used properly, grants you a lot of power over the whole interaction.
One of the strongest rules of the warrior is Fight to Win.
You keep your eyes focused on the goal and you do whatever it takes to achieve it.

There are boundaries to this belief as well:
1. You shall never hurt her, you are there to create something good between the both of you, she is part of it as well.
Don’t go sadistic and hurt people in order to get your goals, stick to basic moral code between human beings.
2. None of your actions comes from the need to get her, only the will to do so.
You need something when you miss something and trust me, you miss nothing.
Even if you are not good with girls yet, there will always be some girls that will like you, we are working on our dating skills to achieve freedom of options with better quality girls, increasing quality as well as quantity.
Instead, have the will to get her, this is the girl you like, you are not going to give up easily on her, you do everything in your power and ability to get her as long as it is out of pure challenge and persistence.

תמונה קשורה

How to Deal with Shit Test

So, if you already know the reason she is shit testing you is her insecurity, all you need to do is to solve it.
Your job as a man is to make it easier for her to go with you, you are the one who solves the problems whether it is logistics, inner blockages or other guys.

This is how you deal with shit tests:
1. Keep in mind she really wants you, she just can’t show it yet because of her insecurity
2. Show her you want her and you are going to deal with it for the both of you
3. Continue the conversation as if nothing happened

examples (all delivered with a big smile on your face):
“I have a boyfriend” – it’s ok, he can join us later
“I am a lesbian” – good, it’s another thing we have in common!
“I am not that kind of a girl” – good, I don’t like that kind of girls.

As you can see, every comment has 3 simple components:
1. Humor – Since she is insecure as we stated before, you use humor to help her relax and calm down.
2. Verbal – Taking a step forward, using her words under the frame of “I want you and I am going to do whatever it takes to get you”.
3. Non-Verbal – Big smile, relaxed, confident body language, you show her you are strong enough to hold her insecurities and deal with them.

Eventually, shit tests are welcome, they are nothing but a good IOI and opportunity to move things forward with the girl and create amazing experiences with them.

Go get them!

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