The thin line between success and failing

The “Line”
Let’s consider for the moment that thin line between two great barriers inside the female mind (from man perspective) that you want to tap into.
Let’s take a step back and consider the background. We as humans have certain centuries-old triggers inside our minds
There is a good reason why men will turn their heads for a pair of big boobs or a nice ass.

After we put aside all recent things it’s in our mindset that goes back to the ice age when women with big curves (sometimes referred as fertility goddess) meant strong female partner that can give birth to many children and since the death ratio of newborns was high this was a matter of survival.

Just like that female were looking for a strong reliable man, big, huge arms, a protective alpha male that can provide for survival means. Well to put to things in honest perspective, we haven’t changed much, 😉

We are still animals deep inside

The thin line between success and failing - Badboy Lifestyle

Add football and beer for men and we’re there. But for our dear females, it gets a bit more complicated. They also have “primal” triggers; they also have same needs as we do, but also their brains have been carefully instructed with few more


First one is the rise of “romance”

The idea of romantic love did not exist till recently maybe few hundred years ago when poetry on large scale became available and included this idea of struggle to win the heart of a maiden in female mindset.

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The second one is religious scarring. Although these days it’s weaker than ever, before the church gave its idea and strict stand on the issue of sex, monogamy, and marriage, people were fucking like rabbits. One may think that things go away easily but some things that are so strongly scarred in human minds take generations and generations to get rid of.

So where does that leave us now?
In those “Oh boy I’d like to shag you right now but what will society say”. “I am ready for sex but take me on 2 more dates so I don’t come out easy” or “Why can guy fuck 50 women and be a player and if the girl does the same she’s a whore”.

Sound familiar?
So let’s then have an imaginary walk on “the line”.

“I wanna fuck you”

First of all. I cannot stress it enough, don’t EVER come with that “I’m trying to fuck you” energy. Just don’t. Come with “I like you, I am feeling good about myself and I am just playing here and can walk away just as easily as you can do”. Gentleman- it’s like tennis. If you’re the only one hitting the ball…the game ain’t going to happen. So.. On one side you want to tap into their “primal” cortex. And trigger sexual attraction from inside,  If you are tall or have strong arms, trust me they will notice that, the bulge in the pants or firm butt is always checked. If you cannot go for physical, go for smart, entrepreneur or whatever quality you can present.

Since the changing of society with evolution, it’s not the, tallest or strongest guy that get laid anymore. Brains and wits get an equal amount of points since intelligence is connected with was once mammoth meat today became the ability to create abundance through success. You think Mark Zuckerberg gets laid because he’s strongest Alpha male? Come on. An Even good sense of humor is considered a winner, how many times have you heard “He made me laugh“explanation.

The stronger your alpha male side is the more you can play with your gentle side

The thin line between success and failing - Badboy Lifestyle

Opposites are such a strong weapon.
You MUST get in touch and in flow with „gentleness“. In that moment when you are in front of her, you are „strong“ but also showing a gentle side. You always want to show both sides of you. The Strong Masculine side which triggers old “primal” triggers and soft/ gentle side. Which side is that, sniff around her mind a bit. Is it abandoned animals, elderly people, children, gardening…you catch my drift. Empathy. Find out what she is after and display it.After all, they are all gentle caring creatures.

Think about it, they melt when they see a young father with a baby. He may be 100 kg muscle hunk with beard and tattoos giving his baby a gentle smile and that’s it. Their panties are wet.

Of course, it would be best if the story you can share is true. In my case having experience in violent martial arts and at the same time being able to say I volunteered in orphanages and worked almost as a nanny for 30 kids at one point in my life does the trick.

To describe it, once in bed after a nice evening I was gently cuddling a petite girl who was abused by her ex. In one moment while I have my hand around her neck in a hug she says „You could break my neck if you wished to build trust you to know you won’t“And watched me with awe. Cruel as it sounds it sums it up. The line is to be an Alpha male that doesn’t have to show it off but wears it with confidence knowing his „tough“ capabilities and using his „gentle“ ones. It’s just like sex. Give her a nice foreplay and a gentle start and you can have it raw and filthy 10 mins later guaranteed.

Now on top that we need two very important spices and everything will be nice…
Because without them you could get friend zoned or “society feared out“…
Shall we keep it for the next addition of blog gentleman?

PS. On the age-old question

„Why can guy fuck 50 women and be a player and if the girl does the same she’s a whore?“

The answer is Key that opens many locks is an amazing key, while a lock that is opened by many keys is a horrible lock“. But don’t tell that to them  😉

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