The Secret of Natural Seducers

A night as a seducer

So? You got ready for “The Game”. Saturday night is about to unleash. The carefully planned outfit is picked from the closet, elegant yet not too lavish, just trying to look “casual but fancy”. Hundred euro perfume sprayed few times on neck and just a little bit on the wrists: And the little details, nice wrist watch and not to make a mistake by mismatching colors of belt and shoes.

Nice table in “the” club has been a reserved week in advance and you are on your way to score tonight, aren’t you?

Fast forward switch, you are at the main entrance giving a nice glance to the girl on wardrobe while she takes your coat (she is cute but you’re sure you can do much better). And then it begins. With a nice glass of expensive wine, you eyeball wonderful brunette with long legs on the table next to yours. Oh, you can almost feel those wrapped around your waist. With chest up and a wicked smile, you make your move and get an ice queen look back. Ok, ok one bad call, night is still young. One shot just to get you going and off to the next. Two blondes enjoying a ladies night out seem like a good gameplay. Introduction and a one liner pick-up, ok some half smiles and awkward silence.

And before you know it…the night gets on and on, a number of drinks in your hand are greater by the hour and it seems you couldn’t get a girls number if you were the last man on the island full of women. And yet on a table next door, average looking guy with shabby Adidas and faded jeans and t-shirt has 3 girls laughing their guts out while he tells them how he came with bicycle and it will rain, but judging by the looks on their faces all of them are more than willing to put him in a cab and “adopt” him for the night. On the way out, you take one last shot with a girl on wardrobe but you are politely declined.

So what to hell is going on?

Well, let me give my two cents of wisdom on the subject.

The “game” does not start at 8 pm on Saturday evening, just because, you all of a sudden decided that it is time to become “ladies man” for the night.

I’m sure you have watched some great football (or any other sport you fancy) matches. And have seen your favorite player perform magically on the pitch. Scoring that 35 m goal from nowhere. Well, do you think that for that game he just showed up in the changing room and ran off into the pitch and just touched stars? Of course, you don’t. You know there was some serious work and dedication to come to that point.

So what makes you think that you can just walk out of your place and come home with two girls for a night to remember?

Work on yourself

To touch those stars you also have to put some work in yourself. The game doesn’t start on Saturday evening. It starts with something as simple as your choice of breakfast on Wednesday, on job meeting the next day afternoon, in the gym, morning run or choice of articles or TV you are watching.

Sounds crazy ah?
Take my word on it. It’s all about your energy.
It’s all about how you feel about yourself, how much you invested in developing yourself as a person, developing as a MAN. How much you worked on being a relaxed Alpha male not trying to pick up girls, but KNOWING you’ll pick up a girl. Yes, you could go online and wipe your butt off swiping “right” on tinder or ok cupid and eventually, you’ll get laid. But, to walk into a gorgeous girl and impress her. Take her home and get day’s later texts from her saying “when can we have fun again” is whole other ball game. You see, walking up to a girl with a “pumped up- I need you” attitude is a receipt for disaster.

You see, just like we men, have our own triggers that go back to primal age, so women have their own code written inside their own DNA but then modified with centuries of society upbringing, which created a very fragile construction of primal wishes/needs and society boundaries. Once they, on the subconscious level, feel pressured into something that might harm those “social values” it is game over, the Great wall of Chine is nothing in comparison to what you will have standing in front of you.

Just as an example: a few years back while I was enjoying a backpacking trip in south East Asia, I came back to a beautiful tropical island on which I have already stayed 3 months before. On that first night back I felt crazy, bursting with happiness and testosterone. I got my eyes on the best pair of legs on the island, I mean the rest was also amazing, petite blond girl, but the legs were killing me. Over few drinks I started the conversation, I was funny, charming, witty, boyish, not pushy and after all very happy to be back on that Island, but also never the less, very horny and it was late in the night when hot things are known to happen. And although I played a marvelous hand she gave me a clear “no way Jose” stop sign.

The Secret of Natural Seducers

Fast forward to next day, around 2 pm sitting on a beach just having something to eat, the petite blond comes passing by and sits next to me. We start talking and I completely let go of the idea of her as a sex object. We talk about our travels, ups, and downs of growing up in our countries, friends on the Island and so on, the most relaxed chit chat for an hour or two. In few moments I casually throw in an “apology” for hitting on her and simply blamed it on me being overly happy to be back and again her amazing legs. She laughs and replies that I have been very clear about that yesterday already and (here comes the drum roll) that she would love to have sex with me right now(!).

The look on my face was more than surprised. Sitting in the middle of the day, sober this gorgeous girl just simply spilled it out. I said, “right now…now?”…she said yes, and asked where my room was. Fast forward through the pack of condoms all the way to the evening and we are on the bed exhausted talking. While I’m playing with her nipples I ask “Why today? What happened yesterday” And I get the most valuable answer from a female ever: “You wanted it too much; it was so obvious, so…so… just too much, although I found you hot it pushed me away but today you were a great company and I felt relaxed around you..and just for the record you have a great dick you should use is as much as possible”. And that’s how we parted.

Long story short

Once I got it out of my head on energy level, decided to be a relaxed guy with good personal stories to tell. Not trying to impress for sex, not to push but (unknowingly then) “draw” her in, everything else just came without a problem. From that day on, I actually never “hit “on girls or women. I come around to socialize, play, have fun seduce in an (I would call it) “non–aggressive” way and by God my dear friends, I let them pick me up at the end of the evening. Because they want it as much as we do. Sometimes I even play hard and give them MY number and say “Call me if you want to” and with a smile walk away.

There is no magic “pick up “line, or clothing or perfume (although they can help)

But there IS a very, very fine line to walk on, that goes between two great walls inside female mind. And a sense of self-esteem, self-worth, and energy that you must manifest. Casually drop just a few right sentences in one-hour conversation. And you are on a one way street to her bed.

But let me share that thin path towards their thighs in next chapter.

And even more, the goal I think is even more important than the first one. How to keep them coming back for more, again and again.

Believe it or not, play your cards right and even when they live abroad they will sit on the plane just to come and spend a weekend of bedtime with you (yes it happened, multiple times).

Stay tuned.


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