The core of direct approach

When you Approach girl with non Direct-Approach ( no matter of opener you use) she already knows why you are there. You like her, you want to get her. She knows why you approached her
Its like, when gipsy stops you on street begging for money. Even before he opens his mouth, you know what he wants, and why he stopped you.

A guide to direct approach

You don’t need his “opener”… you know why he stopped you, you know what gypsy wants.. and even if he tries to engage you in conversation, you know he will in the end ask you for money.

Same thing happens to girls, when you go to talk to her, she knows WHY you are there. You can try to mask it with ” I just wanted to ask you  something” but she is deeply aware that you want her.

How does she knows?

5-10 Approches per day she gets X 356 days X 8 years (lets say she is 25).
So I want to ask you something… If she already knows why you approached her why the F…ck are you hiding it? ? From who are you hiding it?
For her its obvious like a day. For her its obvious you want her..She was preparing herself for it for hours. That’s the reason why she was putting make-up and why she is wearing high-heels. You are only hiding that fact from yourself…And in that process you look stupid in her eyes, you lower your value.Guys approach her “no… I just want to ask you something..”

You are only being Indirect to yourself.

Man takes off the mask of woman

You are MAN, you have  nothing to apologize to yourself or to her. You like her, and you approach her to see so you have chance with her.Since she already knows you  want her, since she already knows why are you talking to her why the fck you just don’t say it openly? ” I like you… what’s your name?”

But that’s not where power of Direct Approach is. The true power that will cause an attraction in her body is the feeling that she will  get from you choosing her ( Dominant Frame)
Usually girls are in position of choosing… but when you come with Direct Approach aka “I am choosing you from all other girls”… “I CHOOSE YOU”… then she start’s feeling something different.

Direct approach always creates an amazing level of Attraction!

You created a frame where you are a MAN and she is a woman. Starting from there whole game changes. She is the one that is shaking, that is nervous, she is in weaker frame. Now she is playing your game. Not other way around. From there conversation should be really easy… basic TCC. The key with direct approach is to Maintain that Dominant frame during relationship.

If you start using this direct approach you will hear from girls on 2nd/ 3rd date questions like ” why did you choose from from all other girls? why me?  (sign of Insecurity).

Its very interesting how just one simple sentence on very beginning + little bit of Frame control can change whole relationship that can last for years. That is power of Direct Approach.

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