The 3 Best Openers for Daygame!

Opener is the first sentence that comes out of your mouth when you approach a girl that you like and we use it in order to spark the conversation with girls right from the beginning, it has a very integral role in the first impression you make on the girl, and we all know how much a good first impression can change the whole interaction 🙂
We use openers to spark the conversation with the girl,
In this article, I want to dive a little bit deeper into the 3 main types of openers, and how can you create your own perfect openers easily!

Opener #1 – Indirect Opener

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪zig zag road‬‏

Indirect opener is probably the most common and easiest to use.
The idea is to start a conversation without showing any intention to the girl, “I am here to talk/ ask you something, that’s all”, this is the “Safe” way of opening, she would most likely won’t reject you simply asking her a question.
It gives you the most socially acceptable way to go into a conversation with a stranger, and this is why it is so easy to use, and even easier to generate.
When you use an indirect opener by itself, you want it to have something interesting into it, a roleplay, a joke, an interesting situation from your life, etc.
This is because you need to spark her interest, her emotions, right from the beginning, and it’s not so simple when you go Safe (indirect).
For eg. “What would you do if you were to catch your boyfriend having sex with his best male friend?”
This opener makes her think, sparks her emotions, it is very interesting and unusual topic to talk about, and this would be enough to open a nice and interesting conversation 🙂
One more example: “Hey, me and my friends are planning a bank robbery tonight, but our driver got too drunk and he won’t be able to make it, Are you a good driver?”

Opener #2 – Direct Opener

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪punch‬‏

The riskiest opener to use, but also the most rewarding one, if after you deliver the opener, she stays, she is into you.
The reason it’s so risky is that what you do by being direct is demanding her to make the decision now, yes or no, when everything she knows about you comes from first impression only.

Direct opener sparks emotions in her immediately, and this is why it’s so powerful and why a lot of people like it so much!
It can be either a very simple compliment like “You are so beautiful” or as witty as “You are even more beautiful from the front than you are from the back”, the key here is to say what you REALLY FEEL.

The formula for creating a direct opener that will be a bit more special is:
1. Notice what you caught your eye about her.
2. Think how can you say it in a way that will fit the situation.
3. Deliver

for eg: “I love the way you walk, it’s so feminine, it’s like your body is dancing to your rhythm”
“Your mane is driving me crazy” (in case she has a curly hair)
Just try to use as many emotions in your words, don’t go for “cool” or “pretty” or “nice”, use adjectives or references that will spark her emotions!

Opener #3 – Reframe

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪counter punch‬‏

The reframe is probably my favorite type of opener for daygame, since it contains the best of both worlds.
Every opener has its own usages and there is always one who will be better than other in different situations, it is just that reframe usually fits in most cases.

The reframe is very simple, you use a simple question as an indirect opener like “Can you explain to me how do I get to the mall?”.
90% of the time the girl will answer you for this question and put her defenses off, so it will be really easy to go into the conversation from there.
Next, you start redirecting the conversation towards her “oh, I see you are the expert in malls, I understand, you are so rich you spend most of the day shopping don’t you?”, tease her, play with her, and once you made her laugh a bit and she got to loosen up, you reframe,
“Listen, I want to be honest with you, I didn’t approach you because of the stupid mall, I approached because (Insert direct opener here), What’s your name?”

As simple as that.


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