Basics of Texting: Don’t Wait For Her Replies


Let’s talk about how to get a girl on a date. So, you stopped her on the street or you met her in a club or a bar, and you have her number. If you still don’t know how to get her number, read this. We know that she has some degree of interest in you, at least enough to give you her number. Therefore she is giving you a chance to get to know her, just don’t mess it up.


Texting environment

You first have to send her a text message, be that through Whats App, Facebook, etc. Let’s say you had a physical interaction with her, now it’s time to open a conversation in a texting environment as well. See, every place you take a girl will bring different feelings: smell, air, warmth, etc. and she will feel that. Texting environment is just another environment in which she needs to get used talking with you in order for her to feel comfortable with you. Having said this, if your interaction was mainly filled with sexual energy, you need to open a texting environment too and build comfort and connection. However, you can escalate easier turning this conversation into sexting if she’s far away or just arrange a date (you have to setup good logistics) to further escalate. More on sexting soon.

See here what to do when you get her number.

First message

The first message needs to be something that will bring good energy to her: something she will laugh with, or something she will feel teased about (e.g. a dare) etc. Of course you could just open her in a text with a “Hi”, however keep in mind that:

– First impressions are always crucial;

– Every other guy out there will have done that, and considering the amount of guys she will have met throughout her life, starting with just a “Hi” is just too boring. You have to be different.

You are the Man

Once you have opened her you have to keep the interaction alive. BUT consider this: you are no one’s follower; you will NOT be waiting endlessly for her replies. You are a man and you have your own life to live. Otherwise stated, when you text her you will carry on doing your thing, living your life, enjoying your live, having fun etc. Then and only then, when you get a chance, you will reply to her.
Formula to follow: the deeper she is in your life (relationship etc.) –> the faster you reply, the more texting priority she has.

There are so many guys out there who wait relentlessly for her replies as if they were puppies waiting for a biscuit: you are NOT that kind of a guy. You are a MAN and you act as one.

In the next texting post I will be talking about how to make this clear to her. Keep in touch, and I will talk to you in the next post for further insight on texting.

P.S. The text game book is coming out soon, we are putting the finishing touches on it to make it beautiful and sexy! I am sure you guys will love it!

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