Emojis 101 on Text Game: How to use them with girls

How To Use Emojis in your Text Game

Today I am going to show you how to properly use emojis in your text game. You see, girls are very emotional, and this is what emojis represent: as the saying goes, “an image is worth a 1000 words”. Well, this is about talking with images. Emojies aer crucial part of today’s Text game.

Just one of these images, one of these emojis, will make her understand on the spot what your current feeling is. And you can learn to understand them in the same way towards her, thus making a better connection with her faster than using only words.

Disclaimer: just like likings or emotions, these emojis are all subjective. So what for you might mean X, for the other person might mean Y and you still think you both think alike. Nonetheless there are some general patterns which are the ones you are about to see.

The Emojis

Emoji What is it / What it means How / When to use
 Emojis 101: How to use them in text game - Badboy Lifestyle The direct descendent from the smiley face, it is only a smiling face When you don’t want to say ”I am so happy for this” – just use this emoji and you will have same or even better impact



 Emojis 101: How to use them in text game - Badboy Lifestyle A normal wink, best used when you agree on something Instead of saying “ok”, just use this winking emoji. You can use this as a normal wink when throwing small sexual comments, or saying things with a 2nd meaning, or to tease her and get away with it, or make hot comments without looking too serious, etc.

This emoji is very flexible in the sense that will adapt the meaning you want to provide depending on how you are.


 Emojis 101: How to use them in text game - Badboy Lifestyle This one is like the wink above, but having more fun This is a fun agreement, e.g. when you are sorting logistics with her and she suggest slightly different meeting point and it’s ok with you and you are both having lots of fun talking, just winking tongue swinking tongue swinking tongue s

You can also use it to start teasing her. Since this emoji has the tongue, you can use it in a sexual context with the implications a tongue would have in a sexual content: “hmm I can only think of my fingers running through you again…winking tongue swinking tongue s

Repeating an emoji several times will stress the emotion you/she wants to evoke. E.g. Both of you are having a very funny conversation and she makes a point you agree and have fun with, you text “indeed winking tongue swinking tongue swinking tongue swinking tongue s
 Emojis 101: How to use them in text game - Badboy Lifestyle Being playful or to joke around with a comment This one is just for fun, when you are making a comment on something fun and at the same time playing around “you don’t have to come running to me yet tongue out s

Depending on how playful you are it can also turn into subtle sexual comment, e.g. she lets you know she will put that red dress for the date, you “Oh yeah, love how it follows your body curves tongue out stongue out s” where you are just starting to talk about her body and curves to later make start sexual

 Emojis 101: How to use them in text game - Badboy Lifestyle The laughter burst To use when something you two are talking about is hilarious and, if you were in person, would laugh your ass off: “oh no you didn’tlaughter slaughter slaughter s”.

You can use them by themselves if she says something really funny and you do not need to reply

 Emojis 101: How to use them in text game - Badboy Lifestyle Winking kiss, which implies both a kiss, or love or both at the same time Depending on the context it will mean that you would give her a sweet kiss, or that you have good feelings towards her or both.

It’s a very good one to start getting intimate with her , when text game-ing her and there is a good feeling between you two, you can put it after your comments. If after a while she starts putting it too, it’s on; now you just have to continue start throwing subtle sexual comments every now and then “you looked very sexy in that red dress sweetheart winking kiss s

Also to use when she is your girlfriend, as a sweet kiss and/or a way to say yes to her, like you would with a normal wink, only this one with love “Sleep tight baby winking kiss s

 Emojis 101: How to use them in text game - Badboy Lifestyle The kiss Very similar to the winking kiss, however this one does not imply any love so it’s more sexual.

After you sent the winking kiss and she replies with it too, you start making some sexual comments adding the kiss emoji “too bad you had to go to work kiss s”.

If she replies with a kiss too, it is on. Now you need to escalate “We have to go to another coffee shop that has like private booths to be more relaxed… kiss s” and keep escalating.

If you have been direct with her in text game and she was positive towards her, you can add it sooner into your conversation to turn conversations sexual, or just before a date to warm her up for what’s coming.

 Emojis 101: How to use them in text game - Badboy Lifestyle Dissatisfied emoji When she is disrespectful to you, or she says something you really don’t like (and she knows you don’t like it), you simply reply with this emoji.

You don’t need to explain anything. She will understand that just with the face you make towards her comment. Enough said

 Emojis 101: How to use them in text game - Badboy Lifestyle The smirk emoji Best to use when you know she will like what you say and you want to be a bit cocky: you are good and you know so, e.g. you just made a comment she laughs with and you want to make her realize she is laughing because of your comment “yes, but I did make you laugh sweetie smirk s


More to come on text game  and emojis soon. Keep in touch, and I will see you on the next post.

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