Testosterone and Your Game

Let me ask you a question.
Do you know what is the main difference between a man and a woman? Or to give you a hint and rephrase the question, what makes a man a man and a woman a woman?

There are many differences between us, physical, emotional, social but behind all these differences there is a very simple answer. All of these differences between men and women are generated by a single hormone – TESTOSTERONE.

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The two main sexual hormones in the human body are testosterone and estrogen, men and women have both hormones but in different ratios. The prevalent hormone in men is testosterone and in women estrogen. Have you ever seen a guy that acts like a woman – he is whiny, overly emotional, sudden and often mood changes, he has more propensity to gain fat, difficulty gaining muscle mass and so on. Well, this guy is a male with too much estrogen. Too be more specific, it isn’t the total number of testosterone or estrogen that is important but the ratio between the two.

The higher the ratio in favor of testosterone the more you will look and act like a man, the higher the ratio towards estrogen the more propensity is to have female characteristics. We as men all have genetically predetermined natural levels of testosterone, but our modern lifestyle habits and diet can drastically decrease those levels just as practicing certain habits can increase our natural level of testosterone. High level of testosterone is important for good Game.

You can have the right lines and approach but if you’re missing these dominant characteristics your chances of success with women will be significantly lower. So let’s go a little bit deeper. What are these dominant male characteristics that I am talking about?

The qualities of Courage, Ambition and Strength are closely associated with high testosterone levels. It’s no accident these characteristics are predominantly male. The more testosterone you have, the greater these qualities may be expressed.

Increasing your testosterone can have powerful cognitive and physiological effects. It can enhance your tolerance for stress, helps to alleviate fatigue, has mood brightening effects, and improves body composition.


Bost your Game

  • Well-being (reduction in depression and mild euphoria)
  • Confidence (reduced social anxiety and greater assertiveness)
  • Energy improvements and greater work capacity
  • Motivation (greater ambition)
  • Sex drive/libido and response times heightened (shorter refractory period)
  • Concentration (greater ability to complete complex mental tasks)
  • Strength and muscle mass increases
  • Body fat reduction and higher basal metabolic rate

One of the main „side-effects“ of high testosterone is a high sex drive. A high sex drive on a primal level is nothing else but a nature’s way of telling you: “Go out and get laid!”. Do NOT focus on one woman. We as men are not as picky as women, if she has a nice ass and tits, we will get horny and want to fuck her. This is the direct effect testosterone has on our brain. This way the seed is spread and survival of the human species is ensured. This is of course a little simplistic but fundamentally correct. It’s a matter of quantity over quality.

On the other hand, it’s more favorable for women to get quality over quantity since she has to carry a child for 9 months and is responsible for the majority of child rearing.

That’s one of the reasons why women’s testosterone is lower. It would be disadvantageous for her to fuck every guy in sight and get pregnant by some random guy.

It is in the genes of women to be attracted to these masculine characteristics. It is the reason why women are notoriously attracted to bad boys. But when you look at a bad boy type of man more closely, you will find all the traits in common with high testosterone levels. He is confident, doesn’t look for approval of women, he is never focused on just one woman, is always full of energy, very motivated in some kind of way, either sports or business.

Some of the younger guys might say: „But I am always horny and have a high sex drive“. Remember, this is just one trait of high testosterone and a trait all men have when we are young but once we get older testosterone levels naturally decline and by following certain lifestyle and diet habits you keep those levels as when younger, or even increase it.

You want girls to be attracted to you naturally? High Testosterone
You want girls to approach you and beg you for sex? High Testosterone
You want girls to chase you and be needy for you? High Testosterone

Let me ask you this, how many of you have classic 9-17  jobs or even longer working hours? How many of you are eating junk food, not getting enough sleep or any exercise? It is evolutionary in our male nature to go out, compete, hunt, move, bring back the food to the cave, feed our women, fuck them good and make offspring.

Bost your Game

If you lack energy you will not be able to go out to clubs, bars or whatever and use the techniques that we are teaching you here. Energy = what you eat, your lifestyle.

So when you know how important testosterone is, where should you start applying changes and start getting your testosterone levels up, increasing your energy, mood, sex drive and attractiveness to women?

You start by choosing the right fuel for your body. You start by changing your diet. You are what you eat, and if you are eating the wrong food you are shooting yourself in the foot. Let me ask you something, would you put diesel in a gas car? Of course you wouldn’t, the car would break down. Well, then why are you not applying the same rationale with your body. You probably change your summer tires to winter tires when the winter comes, you reinstall your Windows on the computer when it slows down, you have a repair man doing annual checking of your gas heating system, air conditioning or whatever.

How many of you are doing the same thing for your body?! I guarantee that 50% percent of people reading this article eat junk food and those who think that they are eating healthy don’t realize that some of the foods they think are healthy are actually very bad for them. It is very easy to get confused these days with so much information around us. Some experts claim that you should eat a big breakfast, others to have many small meals, some are proponents of vegetarian diet plans and so on. So-called experts are coming out with a new revolutionary diet, a super supplement or food every day.

You have to remember that we live in a capitalist society and that food and fitness industry is like any other. They are out there to make money and they will use any marketing plot available to them to sell their product and food to you. In a series of articles here we are going to show you what are the most common mistakes you make in your diet, we are going to break a lot of myths that the food industry is trying to sell you and give you tips and tricks how you can feel better, have more energy, increase confidence, muscle mass, sex drive, have rock-hard erections and thus become more attractive to girls.




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