TCC & Sexual escalation Loop


What I am about to share with you here, is one of the Secret tools we only teach on our events. This one small piece of, if its done correctly can improve your success with girls significantly!

Its designed primarily for getting One-Night-Stands and I do not recommend it if you are looking for a girlfriend. In seduction everything is spinning around 2 Main components.

How to make a woman go wild

Image of heterosexual partners passionately having sex

1) TCC – Trust-Comfort-Connection
2) SE – Sexual energy/tension (Sexual Escalation)

Every girl you talk to is going to be different and each one will have different needs for the amount of Connection / Sexual tension she has to have to sleep with a guy. Your job is to find the right balance between the 2 elements and deliver it. You’re going to do that by looping between those 2 elements. In each new loop you have to increase Connection she feels with you ( TCC ) and Sexual Tension. Read article about how to build TCC

For example, if you approach girl with powerful Badboy direct opening and you say :
You are so Damn Sexy and I am going hmmmm,,, tell me something about yourself.. who are you? You just entered loop from SE Tension side, and by saying “I am going to get to know you you are moving to TCC component (Connection).

And then you spend several minutes building TCC ( creating a connection with her), and then you move back to SE. tension, and escalate to a new level.“Baby… you smell so nice (while smelling her neck) and shift back to TCC (“what type of music do you listen“?)The rule of thumb is that with normal girls you’re going to spend 2-5minutes in TCC and 10-20 seconds building SE Tension.

Power of Dirty talk

Man kissing woman neck on their date

You will continue this loop by talking more about other topics (changing topics and going deeper ) while at same time being more and more dirtier and sexual building SE Tension.

“If you only know what I am thinking about, you would blush“ –Back to TCC

To achieve the desired effect, deliver SE escalation lines by whispering to her ear. While in TCC you talk normal voice from normal distance, maintaining eye contact if possible.

“You know what, you have such a nice body.. yummy“
“Baby you are so turning me on“
“You know what, I am resisting myself not to kiss you right now“

Each new SE loop has to be 20% stronger, 20% dirtier then pervious loop.
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“I so want to take you home”

With girls that came to the club to get laid, you can skip TCC part and just loop SE element.

From time to time I get asked, so when does this loop stops? Honestly: Never. The moment you stop this loop you are losing her. How many times has it happened to you that you were talking to girl and there was that moment when you had to kiss her, you waited too long to kiss her, to escalate, and you lost the girl. Same thing happens in a relationship. The moment you stop escalating, you get sucked into a boring routine, and the relationship slowly dies.

In a relationship the loop is obvious, you sleep with a girl, then you pillow talk and have breakfast. SE / TCC. So how do you keep the loop in a relationship? You have to regularly introduce new things, such as new positions, new people, new toys..




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