this holiday was the real deal

I came across Badboy’s summer camp completely by chance, with no prior knowledge nor interest in pickup. Let’s not joke around, 3000 Euros is a lot to spend on a two week holiday, and I’m lucky to be at a point in my life where I have disposable income and have that sort of money to spend on personal development.

Cutting to the chase: this holiday was the real deal. I won’t say that my life has completely changed and I’m fucking girls left-right-and-centre nowadays, because that wouldn’t be true. It’s been two weeks since the holiday, I’m still a novice with only a month of pickup experience under my belt. But one thing the holiday has done is completely opened my eyes to possibilities I never saw before. In the two weeks in Croatia, we were taught literally every single thing – every single technique we would ever need – for picking up girls in any situation. By the end of two weeks, picking up girls was never a case of not knowing what to do next, but simply not fucking up and having the balls to escalate once we were in set.

As I said before, I have no prior experience in pickup so I can’t make any comparisons to other bootcamps, only against my expectations. And Dan (Badboy) took the whole thing WAY more seriously than I had expected when I signed up. Even before the holiday, along with study materials, we had to fill in a questionnaire about our personality and previous experiences. The guy actually used this info to figure out our room mates! While how successful this turned out varied wildly amongst us, I ended up sharing a room with a guy who’s strengths perfectly complimented my weaknesses, and for whom my strengths complimented his weaknesses. (By the way, a massive thank you to my room mate if you ever read this. Also, you still owe me and you know it!)

One thing that isn’t mentioned in the marketing hype but should be common sense to everyone: you only get out of it as much as you’re willing to put in. There were guys who were throwing themselves in there with utter reckless abandon and getting amazing results (again, as someone who knew nothing about pickup and what is possible, had I not been there and seen it for myself I would have accused the guys of exaggerating or lying). There were also just as many guys there who were holding themselves back. Dan threatened us all with tasers, but it seems some people have confidence issues not even a taser can fix.

I can’t honestly say that it is a life changing experience. It was only a two week summer camp and it takes a lot longer than just two weeks to change someone’s life. But what you do get in those two weeks is literally every single tool you would ever need if you really do want to change your life. Skills, techniques, knowledge about logistics, relationships, everything. That’s what every single one of us have walked away with, and the rest is up to us. Some of us will go home and put those new tools to use; others will return to their every day lives and consider the two weeks as just a fun vacation. Not everyone is going to change their lives following from the summer camp. But every single one of us is capable of honestly and sincerely saying “I can, if I really want to.”

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