Sleeping with her

Whenever a woman gives me a problem about sleeping with her I simply tell her:

“Look, The diamond between your legs is not something I want to steal from you It‘s just something I want to get through before we move on more interesting things”

A seductive young woman in bedroom, lying on a bed with sexy panties hanging on her legs. Close-up.

Girls are afraid to sleep with a guy too fast or too soon, as they will look easy, like sluts.
They also grow up in a society that tells them, when they give their pussy to a guy, there is nothing else they can give to him. Society unconsciously puts all value on their sex organs and beauty. Once you cross that point, they feel they have nothing to offer. No more value. She is afraid that, once she gives sex to a man, he won’t come back, as that’s everything she could give him.

Last Minute Resistance

Its sad, that whenever you talk with girl, she assumes (thanks to society) you want to sleep with her. I mean, the morning after, you still need to talk, to have fun in your life and you can still enjoy and learn about each other Its not just about sex.

So think about the sentence above. Take a moment, and think about it.

What you are actually saying to a girl, is exactly what she wants to hear. It’s not about sex, its about you being together, having fun in the long run and sex is just a step along the way that people make a big deal out of

A big percentage of sexual resistance is exactly this — she’s afraid that’s all you want and there won’t be anything else. So it’s smart to address the issue directly before it becomes a big problem. I prefer to say it directly than to bullshit around it and play games. Learn everything about female mindset and sex inside Life Academy

“The diamond between your legs is not something I want to steal from you. It’s just something I want to get through before we move on to more interesting things”


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