Signs She Likes You – Check List

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Does she like you or not? This is a crucial piece of information that you as a man should be aware of. Knowing this will tell you where you stand. If she likes you, the next logical step is to do something about it, maybe ask her out on a date or kiss her and escalate to the next level.

Signs she likes you

When she likes you, you have to do something about it, otherwise it gets cold very fast. Let’s go through the whole list of signs that she likes you:

A full list of signs she likes you:

She is with you

This is probably the most obvious signal. She is there, talking to you, she didn’t run away, she is not playing with her phone. You got her attention.

She is asking questions

Most girls are in love with themselves and they love when we talk about them and only about them. When you notice she gets out from that frame of mind and actually starts noticing you and starts to ask questions, it is one of the big signs she likes you. She is curious about you, she wants to know more about you. Read what girls say about this topic

Signs she likes you - Badboy Lifestyle

She is enjoying the conversation

Again, one of the obvious signs she likes you. She is laughing at your jokes, she is having fun (pretending or not), she enjoys your company! She is ignoring other people and her friends for you.

She remembers facts about you

If you notice that she remembers things and facts that even you forgot about, it’s a clear sign that she likes you and she is at home thinking about you, processing stories and facts about you.

You notice she is leaning in

As you are talking to her, she starts to lean in? This is one of the body language  signs she likes you and wants to be closer to you, she needs you.

She accidentally touches you

There are no accidental touches in the female world. They are very aware of their touch. They are millions of times more aware of their bodies and body sensations. Every “accidental touch” is very well planned and executed. One of the body language signs that she likes you and wants to get physical with you.

She is playing with her hair

Whatever you are doing, keep doing it because you are obviously going in the right direction. When you notice her playing with her hair, it’s an obvious sign that there is some sexual attraction in her body. She is flirting with you.

Looking at your lips

If you catch her eyes from time to time looking at your lips and then going back to your eyes, it’s a big unconscious signal that she is thinking about kissing you. And more than clear sign that she likes you. watch a girls explaining this inside Life Academy

Lipstick and makeup

One of the most obvious signs she likes you and an obvious indicator of interest is when she is making herself look beautiful in front of you. Putting lipstick on or fixing her hair, makeup… She is doing everything for you to find her attractive.

Exposing her neck

The following is considered to be one of the most sensitive erogenous areas of her body. If you catch her playing with her neck or exposing her neck, both are saying: look at how sexy I am, touch me, seduce me…

Strong eye contact

When we talk about signs she likes you, strong eye contact is for sure one of them. Big indicator of interest. She is not checking her phone, not looking around, but giving you 100% of her attention.

Her feet pointing in your direction

Her feet never lie. This one is very subtle, but a very obvious sign. If you notice her feet pointing away from you, it’s a bad signal (she wants to go away ). On the other side if her feet point towards you, it’s a really good sign. Where the feet point, the energy flows there.


This is a big one. When a girl likes you, she will place herself close to you, she will want to be as close to you as possible so she can touch you, smell you, feel your energy. Very clear and very strong sign she likes you and wants more of you.

She is nervous


Signs she likes you - Badboy Lifestyle

You notice she is nervous in your presence? And there is no reason for it? Obviously there is some hidden sexual tension on her side and she is trying to suppress it. She is fighting with herself. Very possibly she is horny. Check out my video course on recognising horny girls in clubs

Rule of  Three

Here you got the 13 most obvious signs she likes you (Indicators of Interest ), now let me teach you how to read them correctly. You can’t trust one sign by itself. If you see her playing with her hair, and she is only doing that, it could be that it’s one of her habits (like picking her nose). The Rule of Three says that once you spot three different signs she likes you, you can for sure say “YES, SHE LIKES ME!”.

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