Hey guys, Igor here on texting and sexting!

Since last week I showed you how you can get her to bed using text game, this week I continue on the topic and give you something very useful and fun: S-E-X-T-I-N-G



Yes, you too can make her wet through your speech, through your texting!

Sexting is that, “the acting out of sexual performances through text messages” as a dictionary would word it, or “having written phone sex” as a more common way of defining it.

Texting her “I want to make out with you right now” adds sexual content into your conversation but isn’t sexting; texting her this, yes:


Sexting - by Badboylifestyle

Now, Why Do You Want To Learn How To Sext?

  • Long distance relationships
  • No time to meet
  • Warming up before meeting

Long distance relationships will usually lead to not meeting very often; if you have very little time to meet her you want to make it so that when you meet her you can easier escalate; and last but not least, you also use it to warm things up.

In some cases you can also use it to test her to know whether she wants to go all in with you or not yet, however you cannot consider this a rule because there are some girls who will do everything to you in bed, but are not into sexting at all.

By the way, sending an unsolicited snapshot of your dick is NOT sexting, it’s only making you look like a retarded pervert.


Here’s How You Start Sexting

You start by adding sexual content into your conversation.

By doing so you will see how much she is into talking these (sexual) things over the phone or not, and how much she is into you at the same time. Start with complimenting and teasing her and see her response.

The rule of gold here is: once she replies in a similar way to your comment, IT IS ON!


Sexting - by Badboylifestyle


However here is where you have to consider, what is this “similar way”?

This will be anything that will be going forward on what you have just told her.

See in the example above, her words say “I shouldn’t let you” but she closes that with a kiss emoji.

This closing (kiss) of her statement indicate she is ok with your comment, her reply is “similar” to yours because she is following the path you are leading for her.


Sexting manual - by Badboylifestyle

Remember when we talked about the inner game of texting and how your perspective will affect your results?

Like in real life where inner game is vital, your frame when you text her will determine your actions and thus, your results!

So in the above example, if your frame wasn’t strong enough and you read “I shouldn’t let you” you would think she is saying NO to your words; but if your frame is “she wants me” and you reply based on that, results will be awesome.


So When Do I Sext With Her?

After a few of these hot comments back and forth.

See, the more you lead her to what you want and the more she follows your path, you gradually make her think more of sex and how she would enjoy you.

When is the right time?

When she has been following your path (your hot comments) for a while, you take it to the next level: you text one very hot comment in which she feels you. You do this to see her reaction and calibrate.

But here comes to play a very important factor.


The How To!

Women are very emotional and imaginative, and here is where you use these two to the fullest: you have to word things so she feels your message!

Make her feel it, make her be aware of how she would like to feel your hands massaging her body and how she would feel them, make her imagine how will your lips and breath in her ear going down her neck will feel, etc.

You have to make her feel good!

You start slowly guiding her through emotions: tell her what you would do to her and how she would feel with that.

Bit by bit she will feel more comfortable with the conversation and you go deeper into it:

Sexting - by Badboylifestyle

So What’s Next?

This entirely up to you, whether you want to have text sex (keep sexting), or you want to call her for some phone sex if she’s far away, meet her now or later tonight, etc.

Once you got to that point with a girl it’s just a matter of sorting logistics for you two to meet for sex.

As always, reach out to us if you have questions or go to Badboy School!

See you next week!

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