Sex is a first value exchange that happens

I believe the way most guys look into sex may hurt their success with a woman for long-term. There is a big difference between how we guys see sex and how a woman sees sex.

In this article let’s bring closer to you this difference in mindset. Understanding this will help you to unlock some deeper secret doors of inner game and help you to understand them better.

There is a good old saying:

Man pretends to be in a relationship to get sex, while woman pretends they like sex to get relationships.

I am seeing the same pattern of my students, on my boot camps, summer camps, guys they are approaching a woman and they are trying to “have sex” with them. They are trying to fuck them. They do not care about girl needs at all. They just want to fuck her. All good, it’s a good motivation, it’s a good purpose, and when they fail they are asking me, why it didn’t work?

So let me explain this once for ever…

Why we man have sex?

Sex is a first value exchange that happens - Badboy Lifestyle


We guys are simple, we like a body/face of a girl, we feel aroused, we are ready to fuck her. Or we like a specific feature of a girl, and we would like to fulfill our fantasy. Girl with big tits, big ass, tall girl, black girl, threesome… whatever. We are fulfilling our fantasy. We saw something on porn, we wanna try it.  For us guys sex is pure fun, we feel good during and after sex.

On top of that, we are programmed to spread our genes as much as possible, to fuck as many girls and spread our sperm around. Sometimes we feel lonely, so just having someone around us feels good as well.
We man are so simple.


Why Woman have sex?

Woman have sex for million of different reasons, they feel lonely, they want to start a relationship, she wants an adventure, she is horny, she wants a baby..etc. A full list of reasons why a woman has sex you can find in this article here.

But remember my words, whenever she is having sex with you first night, there is a hidden reason why she is having sex with you. Maybe she likes your energy, maybe she sees money, Relationship, One Night Adventure. She saw something, she saw some value.

This is a really deeper Inner game question you have to ask yourself: 
A girl is about to give you her body so you can have fun, she is about to allow you to use her body to fulfill your fantasies on her body, to use her body which ever way you want. She is about to give you all of that, question is, what is she getting in return? What does she get out from it? What does she get from you?

This is really amazing inner game question you have to ask yourself.



What is so special that you give to a girl so she will give you her body & soul?
What is she getting out from it? Remember that for them sex is more a hassle than fun. Some girls really love sex, but most are just using it to get something in life. She is giving you sex so she can get something back. What do you my friend give in return for sex?
This is one of the first lessons we cover inside 360 Inner game Program. This is something you really have to think about seriously/ What is your unique value? Why are you so different than other guys? why should she go home with you and not with another guy?


Sex is a first Value Exchange that happens

Sex is a first value exchange that happens - Badboy Lifestyle

You will be much more successful with girls if you start seeing Sex as a Value Exchange, then just one-way pleasure (I will fuck her). She needs to see that she will get something out from this sex.

You have to use your emotional intelligence (check out my Life Academy courses for Emotional Intelligence), to figure out what she wants and give her that. Once a girl sees’s she will be getting something out from it, she will be more open and ready to have sex with you.  Some girl needs safety, some are lonely, some horny, some look for a boyfriend. Be smart and give them that makes it looks like she will get it.

Some girl needs safety, some are lonely, some horny, some look for a boyfriend. Be smart and give them that makes it looks like she will get it. Without value exchange, you are trying to fuck her, and she is resisting, because she saw no reason why should she fuck. Give her a reason, give her something, and you will see the totally different reaction in a woman.

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