Get more Self Confidence during Day time approaches

In our last post we talked why Approaching during the day is fucking awesome for your Inner Game, this time we  will show you how to get more self confidence. In my experience as a Coach, but also as a seducer, I learned, that the more approaches I do, the easier it gets.

Most of us have a Mindset which thinks that approaching strangers is wrong or talking to girls on the street is weird. This beliefs are often the root of approach anxiety and low self confidence during Day Game. The best way to get more self confidence during Day Game is just by practicing it. Each approach creates new reference experiences.  New Reference experiences help you change our beliefs by actions. The more new experience you collect, the more it changes your mindset – and this brings you closer to your goals.

While you start changing the way you think about the world, you start changing your surroundings.

So how to handle the experiences of Day Game?

No matter what results you get from your approaches – you can always learn from them. After each approach ask yourself the single question: What can I do better next time? What did I learned here ?  Then try to do it better next time.

If you get “bad results” during Day Game, just reflect them and put them into perspective. She walked away? She said fuck off? Well you are still alive and no angry mob chased you through the city. It’s important to see, that even failure is not that bad as we imagined.

If you make good results and get positive feedback from the women you approach, allow this thought inside your mind, that approaching strangers is a total fine thing to do.  Take a moment to really take in the positive experience which just happened.  This way, with every good experience your self confidence will grow.

If you do not progress or bad results drag you down further, I recommend you look for help by a good coach or trainer, otherwise you develop more blockades and beliefs which hold you back.

Exercise for self confidence

develop self confidence by talking to girls - by BadboyLifestyle

Because it’s hard to start approaching on the street and develop your self confidence, we added a little infield exercise here, to get over the fear of approaching. This Exercise you can do at home several times per week.

Step 1)

Think about the situation you are afraid of approaching women during the day)and imagine what could possible go wrong. Imagine the worst possible scenario. It’s pretty easy. Let your creativity flow and create a horror scenario. She starts to scream, hit you with her purse or calls a police. Make it ridiculous and funny. It won’t happen, you know it. Play with your imagination.

Step 2)

Now as second step, start to think what could really possible to go wrong. Reality. She says piss off? She ignores you? Maybe one idiot laugh at you? Someone sees you being rejected? When you are clear what realistic things could go wrong, ask yourself how you can handle it. Think of how would you handle each one of those? Try to think of solution for each one of them. What would you do in those situations.

Step 3)

As the next step, imagine what could happen if you approach her and everything go as you planned. You fantasies is as free as in the first step. Imagine a nice conversation with a solid Number Close, imagine slowly undressing her after a nice date or imagine gang-bang her with your friends. Its up to you.

Whenever you start to have approach anxiety or making up excuses before an approach, do this little exercise. Say to yourself that no mater what could get wrong, you can handle it. And if you need a bit of motivation, picture yourself the good possible output.

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