Seduction: Do You Know What It Is?

Do you know what seduction is?

It’s such a tough question and such an easy answer.
Seduction is a tour through her emotions that ends with an intimate connection between you and her. You might be asking: A tour through her emotions? – Yes!

Remember, if her behavior and actions come from feelings (how she feels at the current moment) then all you have to do is control her emotions. If she is pissed off, she will yell at you. On the other side, if she feels attracted to you, she will play with her hair and get closer to you.

See, seduction is about controlling her emotions. In order to seduce a girl you have to take her through 7 different emotions. If you make her feel those 7 emotions, she will be yours! I guarantee you that.

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The 7 Emotions of Seduction

So, what are the 7 emotions that I am talking about, and in what order do they come?

  1. Relaxed – First off, when you approach her, you have to make her feel relaxed, so she is OK to talk to you;
  2. Attraction – You have to trigger attraction, so she likes you and she desires to be with you;
  3. Comfort (physical) – You need to get her used to your physical touch, so she feels comfortable with you touching her, which is the foundation for a more intimate touch later on;
  4. Trust – It’s the essence of every relationship. You have to build trust before you move her from one place to another, or before you isolate her away from her friends;
  5. Fun – She needs to have fun and enjoy the time with you;
  6. Connection – You have to make her feel connected with you, so she knows things about you and you know things about her;
  7. Horniness – The last emotion in this sequence; you have to make her feel horny, and then finish the seduction with a Grand Finale in your bedroom.

Do you see now? You can understand girls and be better with your seduction game.
Bon voyage,


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