Seduction V2.0 – change of mindset

As you grow you have to go through lots of mental and physical changes. You are changing the way how you see life, modifying your beliefs and making them work better for you. If you look at it from a different perspective, you were given a body and amazing computer (your mind), and your job is to get to the point where you are using it the best you can, where you are optimizing all possible day processes and squeeze as much juice as you can from it. You become more efficient, you sleep better, you live a happier life, you get more successful with woman.. etc.

When I look back through the change I have done in last 10 years, it’s beyond any dream I could imagine. I am a perfect life-living proof that you can achieve everything in life with persistence, energy, and dedication. It’s interesting to watch retrospectively some beliefs/frame of mind I had regarding woman and how I improved them. Improving them and working on them got me much better results. And it’s amazing how just one different attitude can change success and get you to your goals easier / faster.

“Get as much pussy as you can” –  Player’s attitude

I believe that just like with any other guy when I started going out it was all about just one thing – getting laid, it was all about getting sex, getting as many girls as I could to satisfy my sexual needs and fantasies. Its a stage of life every man goes through. Some accept it and go for it, another just jerk-off. I guess I am an exception to the average guy because I went crazy on it like a mad scientist. I spent days and nights figuring out most efficient tactics for all their defenses, lines, handling their crazy girlfriends.. I was so crazy about it that I created stuff that changed lives of millions of a man around the world.
Direct game, Natural Game, InstaFucks ( getting laid under 7 min, Recognizing horny girls), Wide & Deep, Tcc, Sexual Loop and many many others.… It was a never-ending pursuit for getting more sex in the shortest amount of time possible. When the Pua community got created 2002’ this was the main framework of seduction game. Cheat, lie, manipulate and use tricks to get inside her panties. I never felt like a Pua but I was sucked partially into that as well.
Look, there is nothing wrong with needing, wanting sex, on contrary, I strongly believe that every young man should explore, hunt, pursuit his sexual fantasies, and fulfill them on early age (20ies/ 30ies). Go and do it all when you are young, you will have an amazing life afterward. You should bang those hot Uni girls, have 3somes, orgies with your friends, fuck buddies, date several girls at same time. There is nothing wrong with it, the opposite is true, it’s more than welcome for your future. Because to live a balanced life, you should fulfill all those fantasies, otherwise, they will hunt you like demons for life. It’s much easier to have a 3 some with two hot 19yo when you are 25-30yo then when you will be 55yo with kids and family. This is why events like Summer Camp are so important for one’s life. You go there and fulfill your craziest sexual fantasies. You get all the skills to turn your wildest fantasy into a reality.

Looking back, one of my core beliefs regarding seduction was : ( and its spread like a virus among man) : LET ME TRY TO FUCK HER”, “LET ME TRY TO PULL HER, HOW DO I GET HER HOME AND FUCK HER”. You may find yourself in those lines as a well dear reader. Its because no one actually yet talked about it and placed out all negative outcomes from these frames/ attitude.
You see this hot girl in a bar or a club, from 100 guys who would just stand there and think.. “oh she is so sexy, I would so like to fuck her” maybe 5 guys would actually have balls to go there and talk to her. While 95 other guys are just sending waves of positive sexual energy that’s feeding her on all levels. Making seduction even harder. You do not care for anything else. Your genes and unconscious mind take over and all you think is about sex with her.
This simple frame “Let’s try to fuck her” will create lots of negative side-effects, like approach anxiety, performance pressure, stress, nervousness, You are feeling like you are robbing a bank..
During those years, I was aware that this mindset “Let’s just fuck her” was bad & wrong because its based on feeding myself. And its totally wrong mindset looking from today’s perspective. Its based on taking something but not giving much in return. Its based on me having lots of fun. It was based on “robbing a bank” mindset. Cheating the system to get what I wanted. You can make it work just like I did, but its always lots of fight, drama and extra work involved. With years I developed new frames, attitude, and mindsets that allowed me to get much better results.

Let’s Have Fun together –

As I was developing as a man, as a dating coach, and as a life coach, I realized that all those girls who ended up in my life, actually had fun and it was good for them in the end. From good sex to knowledge and wisdom they got afterward. With some I was just one night, some got years of my life. But for each one of them, going home with me improved quality of their life.

My frame of mind ( attitude) on approaching changed and I immediately saw an increase in my results and response from the women. It went from Let’s try to have sex with her to 
“Let’s make her life better”. Let’s see can we create some amazing fun together. Let’s enjoy this world, this night together. Let me place a smile on her face. Let’s create an adventure that we both will enjoy.

It was just one small change of attitude, small optimization of how I was thinking but it makes a Huge impact on my success with woman and quality of life. I tested this in last years with my clients. Results were amazing.
When you approach girl/woman with the mindset that you want to steal something from her / use her for something, of course, natural defenses will come up!
When you turntable and change your frame of approach to “ Let me go there and make her night, let me place a smile on her face.”, Then you will start to feel almost no pressure, no anxiety, your unconscious won’t be stopping you from talking to a woman, but the other way around, it will motivate you & push you to go and do it, because you are spreading love & happiness around the world. Woman start to help you, they start to participate in seduction, they have less “defenses and obstacles”

This is one simple but the most powerful change in my thinking inside seduction aspect of life. It gave me so much quality. The women were more willing to come and stay in my life, they started giving me much more than just sex ( cook for you, love you, take care of you…)
And this is just one of those “turning table frames” that can change how you feel instantly. Full Knowledge you will get on Summer KickOff Conference in Zagreb, as well on Summer Camp

Take a moment and analyze your mindset on each segment of your life. Are you actually the one who is creating problems for all those bad things you experience in your life? Unfortunately, You Very Likely Do.

Challenge for you:

Take a full week and test this mindset. Take a journal and Write down your thoughts.
Approach woman, but instead of coming from the mindset “let me try to pick her up / get her number / have sex with her…” Approach with the mindset, “Let me try to make her day, let’s have fun together, let’s enjoy this afternoon together, let me bring some happiness, fun, adventure in her life.” DO NOT ask or wish anything in return, just go and give best of yourself. Make them feel good, remove all thoughts or agenda, “you are there to get her / pick her up / pull her.” You are having fun… amazing day and you would like to share it with her so you both have amazing day TOGETHER. Do this for a week and you will start to see how your mind is changing, and then you will be ready for an upgrade ( Next article on this topic)

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