Super hot girls

Would you like to start dating Super Hot girls?

There are couple of tricks you have to know.

  • Your Inner game ( Mental state) has to be extra tight when dealing with super hot teens.
  • There is a big difference between seducing regular/ normal girls, and seducing an extremely hot girls ( 9’s and 10’s)

Win 2 Battles to get Super Hot Girls

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When you are seducing those super hot girls, there are actually 2 battles happening on a same time.

On first layer you are dealing with her game, passing her hard-core tests, being super non-reactive, in-control, masculine, above-her, playing with her attraction,
getting to know her.I call this typical Game and you will learn here.

Fight with yourself

On 2nd layer you are fighting with Yourself! And that’s what we will focus on today.
There is one very small but very effective mind trick 
that you can use when you are seducing super hot girl.  This trick that is giving you full control over your emotions to stay super cold on her game.

9’s and 10’s are super sensitive when it comes to game. If she in one moment get’s feeling she is controlling you and you are eating from her palm, its game over.

The biggest problem in getting hot girls is not actually girl, but your emotions towards them. Read article about controlling your emotions

Fight your feelings and you will date Super Hot Girls

The Problem is that when you are in front of beautiful girl, your brain will
automatically go into “wow” mode, or appreciate her beauty mode. Where your brain and body gets amazed by her and you are being mentally and physically paralyzed. You have been there, you know what we are talking about. She is so perfect, you are just melting. In that moment, power shift happens.

You give her all the power and status.
You become emotionally involved.
You go 

“I want you, I need you”…
“I will do everything to have you”.

In this moment you lost your chances with hot girl.  And this is the moment where 99.9% of guys lose the girl. Because she needs someone who is above her. Someone who can still hold ” I am a Man ” frame next to her.

You fall into her “Beauty” trap. She just wants an guy who is
not going to be affected by her beauty. A guy that can handle her beauty.
That “wow auto-pilot” mode is your biggest problem when dealing with hot girls.

The problem lies in a fact, that if you are not capable to control your
emotions, you are not capable to have a super hot girl. Period!

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Usually this goes away after you got enough of hot girls, and you do not see them anymore that beautiful at all. After you fuck enough hot girls you do not care any more.  You simply get used to it, and to be with beautiful girl is totally normal for you.
Now I will give you this mind-trick that allows you to seduce  super hot girlswithout being affected  by her beauty, staying cold on surface.  This is a mind trick that should be a part of your game.

Mind Trick to date Super Hot Girls

 Mind trick is very simple : FOCUS ON HER IMPERFECTIONS
When your mind goes into ” wow she is so beautiful”. you interrupt that
stream of thought and start looking for her flaws, imperfections, things you do not like about her.

You simply change direction  of your mind, and that is what Inner Game is all about. Controlling your mind/thoughts/feelings to give you best results. So when you feel you are falling into her beauty and losing your power, and your brain goes into “she is so perfect”,  you have to stop that process and  actively start looking at things on her body that you do not like on her… nails, fingers, skin problems…  every girl has some imperfections she is trying to hide.

They are just good at hiding them. Your job is to find them and to focus on them. Do not tell it to her, you just want to distract your mind from “wow she is so perfect”.

As you focus on those things, your  brain stops creating “perfect” image of her, and therefore you stop being emotionally affected, which allows you to run stone-cold game on her.

Being cold and logical, is one of crucial elements to run a good Seduction.


Bon voyage,


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