How to read people

How to read people, this is something I never covered before, but I think it is important part of Mid-Game.

See, we all want different things, and we have different problems, and in conversation with a person you will be able to sense them/you should be able to sense them.

How to read people

Some girls will tell you what they want or whats bugging them, others will just signal you that they have problems with something, and your job as a man is of course to realize it and solve the problem.

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How to read Girls

For example, few days ago, I was in cafe on first date with some new girl. It was day game approach. And I managed to create good Attraction and good connection. As I live few min walk from cafe, I suggested, and tried to move her to my place.

She said : “I don’t know, I am not sure…maybe this is too fast”

Most of guys and players will misunderstood this as a resistance. No its not. Girl liked me. She was just afraid that if we go to my place that will lead towards sex. It was too fast for her. She is Emotional type… Girlfriend type, and she was falling into me too quickly.

How could I reacted in that situation

Option 1 : “Come, on come on .. lets go”
She will probably go but you still didn’t solved a problem, and problem will stay on her mind. It will come again and again

Option2 :  I could decide not to go to my place, but them we would started to walk in her direction. ( she is controlling relationship)

Option 3  : “ don’t worry, nothing is going to happen, we not going to have sex, we will just have a glass of wine / watch movie ( any other excuse)….

You have to calm her mind, you have to sort out problem.
Of course, what happened later, we came to my place, we talked, we had some fun, and we ended up naked. we did it, and she never mentioned it again.

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Seduction is like Negotiation

Every Person to Person deal (either a business or love) will encounter some problems. Why? Because One person wants X while other person whats Y.

So while you are moving Y —> X you will encounter problems why he/she doesn’t want X. Your job is to recognise them, and solve them, or help them to make an smooth decision that X is good for them. Its Sales 101.

Most of people won’t tell you directly whats bugging them, to move towards X…they will be very Indirect. I am not going to ask them, I will use my emotional & social intelligence to find the core of a problem. I always look for deeper cause, for root of problem, and address it to calm them down.

This goes beyond seduction. You should be doing this on your day-to-day life nonstop.
That is how you lead people. You are aware of their problems, you help them to solve them. Only once you understand their needs and problems, you can lead them.




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