Success in life, do you want reach that?

Do you wonder how to reach success in life?
Do you ask yourself how to grow strong Inner Game that helps you how to be successful in life?

There are three quality all successful people have in common:

  1. Goals
  2. Ressources
  3. Disciplin

How drive yourself to success?

Goals gives people the drive to become a better version of themselves. Some call it a hunger, which keeps them motivated. For me its was always like a fire, which keeps me moving forward.

Discipline is the quality which helps you handle disappointment and failure. Without discipline, you give up when things get hard. Discipline is about going the last mile.

Resources are the tools we need to reach our goals. It can be time, knowledge, network, mentors or techniques. The good thing is, all the resources you need to be successful in life are available to you. Special the ones you need to be good with girls are all ready for you.

Success in life

How reach success in life - by Badboy Lifestyle

Have goals. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. If you don’t feel any drive or hunger to reach success in life, recheck your vision.

You have all the necessary resources around you.

So the only important things missing is discipline. Discipline to follow your goals and use your resources. I see this very often in my coaching. People are highly motivated to learn how to seduce women, they also know all the stuff. But they don’t have the balls to make approaches by themselves.

Find things that keep you back to success in life

We all have things in our life or rather in us, which blocks progress or make us do things we know are bad for us. My favorite is the inner labrador. We all have it. Our lizard brain, the most primitive part of our brain, works basically like a greedy labrador. He sees food, especially sugar and gets the feeling, if he can’t eat it, he will immediately starve to death.

So we all have been in the situation where we had the choice between something healthy and something delicious unhealthy. Honestly, most time I gave up and enjoy the junk food. One day, someone explains me this stuff with the lizard brain and this picture of an inner labrador was burned in my mind. Since there, every time I feel the desire for unhealthy food, I consciously think about my inner labrador and process that all my negative desires come from it.

Since my contact with my inner labrador, I found tons of other inner characters of temptation. As an example my inner nice guy. To imagine this character helps to understand why we do things which are not good for us. And the more we understand those things, the easier we can avoid them.

Exercise to reach success in life

Do you really want to reach success in life? So, start planning, and follow it!

So this exercise is one of the best ones to learn discipline. And it´s not hard. At least not at the beginning. Plan your activities for one hour, and don’t just make a to-do list, plan every task in minutes. And then do it. Take exactly as much time as you planned.


You do this exercise while Day Game:

So you plan looks like this

  • 5min – looking for girls to approach
  • 15min – approaching and talking
  • 5min – changing location and looking for new girls
  • 10min – approaching and talking
  • 10min – break, have a drink
  • 10min doing the last approach

This is just an example how your hour could look like. In this case, you do whatever needs to be done to achieve your task. And however, the conversation is going, after 15 minutes you leave.

You don’t have to do to this exercise Infield. you can do this everywhere. But the more detailed your plan is, the better chances you will have to master how to be successful in life.




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