Question Game – How to Get Them Horny

You wanna equipe your conversational toolbox with more cool stuff to talk about?
How about I give you a cool conversational game (Question Game) that you can use to build lots of fun, still get to know her and at same time get her thinking about sex with you? This is a really good game you can play on dates.

Question Game - Badboy Lifestyle

The Question Game is a modification of “Truth or Dare” game that we all played as kids.
Anyone can play this game, it’s so easy and simple. This Question Game got me laid so many times and I used it a lot for converting and escaping from the “let’s just be friends” zone. It’s so easy to trick them into talking about sex and get their panties wet.

Playing the Question Game with a girl you will get:

  1. Better connection with the girl;
  2. She will open up more to you;
  3. Build more trust;
  4. She will learn things about you;
  5. She will get sexual;
  6. You will get her horny 100%;
  7. She will start thinking about sex with you.

Isn’t that awesome?

While playing an innocent verbal game for 20min at the bar you get all of those bonuses? This Question Game rocks! This game simply has to be a part of your “Player Toolbox”. It’s such an easy game to play and so easy to control where it leads to.

Preparation for the Question Game

Make sure you prepare logistics before playing this game:
1) Run 10-20min of normal conversation and then introduce the Question Game.
2) On the end of this game you will be kissing her and making out with her, it’s almost guaranteed. Therefore take care of logistics, you should be in some lounge bar, chill-out place, at your home or anywhere else where she will feel comfortable with you without any distractions.

Introduction of the Question Game into your conversation:

You: “You know, there is this good verbal game that’s amazing to play when you are getting to know somebody, it’s called the Question Game, actually it’s a perfect way to get to know each other. Wanna play?”

Her: “Yes.” (with good introduction they all say yes)

You: “OK, here are the 4 rules of the question game:
Rule 1  – Each person is asking one question, we are taking turns, me, you, me, you…
Rule 2 – No repeating or stealing questions, ever!
Rule 3 – One sub-question allowed per question. If I ask you if you like going to concerts and you say yes, I can ask what your best concert was (sub-question).
Rule 4 – I go first.”

Tell her those 4 rules and you are ready to start the game.
Of course, the point of this game is to move on to sexual questions and open her up talking about sex with you. But you cannot start with those questions immediately, you gave to lead to them slowly. Get to know her first, get her comfortable with it, then jump into it.

The Formula is the following one:
Personal questions –>Dating questions –>Sexual questions
You are escalating, opening her up more and more. Build foundations first, otherwise you will appear too needy and creepy and you can fuck up the flow of conversation.

Question Game – Life/personal questions (Level I)

Man with closed eyes is kissing passionately face of a woman

These are just some examples, feel free to add your own…
When you were a little girl, what did you want to become?

If you had a time machine now and you went back to age 13, what would be the one piece of advice you would give to yourself for the future?

  • Are you a cat or dog person?
  • Best holidays you had in your life?
  • Craziest day of your life?
  • If you could wake up tomorrow morning anywhere on the planet, where would it be?
  • If you won 1 million $ and you had 1 year to spend it, what would you do in that 1 year?

Spend some time on this section and get to know her, time is on your side, the better you connect the more she will open up to you sexually in later stages.

Question Game – Dating questions (Level II)

  • What type of guys are you attracted to?
  • What is the first thing you notice on a man when he approaches you?
  • Best thing a guy has ever done for you?
  • Most romantic thing that ever happened to you?

Do not move to Level III (sexual questions) until you opened her up in the first 2 stages of the game. If she is enjoying the questions and you notice she is thinking and asking you good questions as well, that’s a perfect foundation for Level III.

Question Game – Sexual questions (Level III)

Question Game - Badboy Lifestyle


  • Your favorite sex position? (good first question for this part)
  • You like girls?; sub: Have you done anything more with girls than just kissing?
  • What turns you on?
  • Maximum number of orgasms you had in 1 night?
  • What you like/don’t like in the bedroom during sex?
  • Most unusual place where you had sex?
  • Unfulfilled sexual fantasy?
  • Craziest thing a guy did to you during sex?
  • Which part of a man’s body turns you on the most?
  • Do you prefer rough sex or gentle/romantic sex?
  • Your favorite sex toy?
  • Have you ever been in a threesome?; sub: How was it?

Be Aware!
If you notice she is drifting away from sexual questions during her turns (where you ask sexual and she goes back to personal and non-sexual questions) it means she is not ready for it yet, give her more time, go back to personal questions and return to sexual ones later. Some girls need more time to open up.

Transition to making out inside the Question Game

Once you get sexual questions going you can kiss her so easily, since the sex mood is there and she is getting more sexual. Just tell her:
I have a good question “How would you rate yourself as a kisser on a scale of 1-10?
Whatever she replies with, say “Let’s see…”, move in and start making out with her.

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Let’s practice now 
In the comment box below write two sexual questions you would like to ask a girl.
Let’s see how creative you are. We will review your questions!

Bon voyage,


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