Protect yourself from negative thoughts

Negative thoughts are destroying your Inner Game? I got this amazing email from my ex- student, I simply have to post it here for you guys.

Protect yourself from negative thoughts. You can easily be dragged into your own inner negative dialogue You are in the traffic feeling frustrated Things don’t go as planned and you wonder why its always happening to you You feel people look at you differently and that they judging you.

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6 Ways to protect you from negative thoughts

You can control your thoughts but, if you are not aware of having ongoing negative thinking you wont be able to change them. One thing that helped a lot is first to raise my awareness. How? Meditation in the morning or at night. There is a great app for that. is what i’m using. Try to sit still for 15 minutes and you’ll understand how crazy your mind can wander and how hard it is to focus.

1 – Meditation

Try first with 5 minutes. Focus on your breath. Just this. Feel the air coming in from one nostril and focus on that. Breath in and breath out. Exercise your mind in focusing on one thing. This simple yet difficult exercise will help you raise awareness about your thoughts about your body about being present in the moment. Most of the time we are on auto pilot.

We have built habits since childhood and we are not even aware of whats helping us build a better life and what is impeding us from being as awesome as we’d like to. Raising awareness will give you 2 things:

  1. Self consciousness;
  2. And being in the moment more and more.

Protect yourself from negative thoughts - Badboy Lifestyle


2 – Live in the present

Most of the time we live in the past or the future. Live the moment will help you relax and it will also help you being present with the people around you. It will help you assess situations in a better way thus helping you to make sound decisions and find solutions. As we have learned during summer camp, we create our own reality. Whatever shit that can happen to us we can view them as curses, blocks, bad luck or opportunities to grow, to learn to become stronger.

Remember that whatever reality, stories or truth you choose to tell yourself when shit happens, you’ll always be right! So it’s better to choose one that will make you more powerful, more productive and happier. Those are the sentences I always tell myself when I have negative thinking:

This is for my greater good. Everything is perfect even though I don’t see the whole picture now (this one is my favorite).

It always helped me keep my composure and my good energy.

Good energy avoid negative thoughts

There is always, always a solution! Remember that good energy and good emotions bring good things and good people into your life. So don’t think this stuff is only for wacko woohoo guys who smoke pots everyday!lol!

If you don’t believe google the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto: Watch the youtube video. It is amazing.
He proved scientifically how water can crystallize differently depending on the words, pictures or videos exposed to it.

When you know that our body is made up of 60% only with water, you can imagine the repercussions of this discovery.  Watch the differences between shapes in the water when exposed to love, when exposed to anger or hatred. Imagine having those feelings on a daily basis.

No wonder why more and more people have cancer and crazy diseases and unhappy lives, always feeling tired. This study also proved that words coming from thoughts, pictures, videos can affect the physical world.

3 – Don’t be fooled

Ask yourself what kind of food you are feeding your mind with:

  • Do you watch the news every day?
  • Do you complain often? (I know the French do, actually I always say it’s the second national sport after football)
  • Do you get angry frustrated annoyed jealous envious easily?

All those are junk food for your mind. I have dumped my TV 10 years ago. If something important happens in the world. The people around me will talk about it. I don’t need to watch those bullshit biased information every day!

Do the same you’ll see the difference. Chose what you want to watch. Choose comedy or interesting tv shows about interesting topics. Not stupid telenovelas or tv series. Its a waste of time and energy! They are making those shows so you don’t work on ur dreams and most importantly you are not living them!

If shit happens to you on a regular basis it’s maybe because you have unresolved inner conflicts or fears u have not sorted out yet. Women look for confident men who know what they want and who have the balls to take actions.


Protect yourself from negative thoughts - Badboy Lifestyle


4 – Stop being a Superman

If you are always struggling with yourself this will never happen! So for the reluctant ones, stop being a superman and ask for help, find a therapist that fits your style. Resolve your inner conflicts. This will always help you on the long run. Einstein once said that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity! He was so dammed right!

We had great guys from summer camp. The inner game guys are great. They did an amazing job helping us resolve some of our deepest issues. I am an NLP practitioner and still needed to do some one on one sessions with them. Contact them or find some guys in your city. Do some NLP and hypnosis courses and find what suits you. This is one of the best investment you’ll ever make.

5 – Find a way to reach your Goals

Remember that you have two ways to reach goals. One by pushing forcing urself through. Another one is by removing the brakes before speeding through. Both works, it there is one way which is longer harder and more painful than the other.

Find what gives you power and do it often! Every morning I wake up with some music that gives me energy. Then I do my morning workout. Take a shower and I am all set to rock the world. Sports create endorphins in your body which will put you in a happy state. I recommend bodywork outs. No need weights no need gym. Buy a jumping ropes. Do it for 5 min. Then do some pulls ups and push ups. The total body works out 20 to 30 min. Intensity is key.

Raise the number of reps every week. It’ll be more than enough to keep you fit and all pumped up for the day and it won’t wear you out too much. If u have never done sports before. Do things progressively otherwise if you go too strong from the start you’ll never make it in the long run. The point here is to build a powerful self and to keep it on a daily basis. I love listening powerful deep house when awakening in the morning. Some prefer the sound of the waves or something smoother. Try different things then create your daily morning routine. You have amazing apps for music: Deezer, Spotify or SoundCloud. Find ur style.

6 – Don’t waste time on unimportant things

It’s easy to lose focus and to waste time on unimportant things, such as the internet. Write your priorities the night before then attack the day with no more than 3 important changing life priorities. The 1st one should be challenging enough that if you only do that one during the day you’ll be satisfied.

Why is it important?
We, as men, need to prove to ourselves that we are capable of achieving things and will keep you away from negative thoughts.

This gives us proud and confident in our abilities to move forward. Progress is a process and it takes some time, so reward yourself overtime you achieve and complete something especially when you are doing some efforts to change yourself.

As we have seen before the journey is more important than the destination. If you only wait for the results to be happy this will be a long and painful road for you. A half workout is better than no workout.


Protect yourself from negative thoughts - Badboy Lifestyle


A kiss close is better than no approaching and no taking any risks. You are still not the player you wish to be. You are still not financially free. But on a daily basis, you are taking actions and making progress and most importantly you are doing your best! Prove to yourself on daily small wins that you are capable of achieving your dreams and the world will be yours! 🙂

Energy, success, and happiness come from within so start as soon as possible to change your thoughts and build new powerful habits!

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Written by Karl (Ex-Summer Camp Student)

You can find resources to start now to change your life. Check more than 15 courses inside my Life Academy.

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