Power of openers

How to start talking with a girl You like for the first time? The first thing you have to do when you see a girl  you like is to come closer to her and start a conversation with her.

To achieve talking with girl we use “Openers”.

Purpose of opener is to open an conversation between you and girl or between you and group of girls. And to leave as positive impression about you as possible.One thing that you have to understand is that opener won’t get you laid, but it will help a lot.

First impression is rally important.

Young handsome man in sunglasses
Young handsome man in sunglasses

First impression segment lasts first 3-5 seconds. In those 3-5 sec girl will decide does she wants to F..K  you or not. She will put you in one of those 3 categories : Yes/No/MaybeThat’s why there is a pressure to open as Good as Possible.

It happens to all of us that when you see a hot girl, your mind goes blank, and you don’t know what to say. That’s normal due to structure of man’s brain. When we see a hot girl, focus and blood goes to other areas of brain. That’s why you have to have your openers prepared beforehand. Sometimes you are inspired and you can freestyle, in most cases you will have to use what you prepared.

Freestyle is no good, on other hand to overload yourself with 55 openers is no good as well. Less is More principle is applied here!When I go out, I have 2 max 3 openers in my pocket. It simplifies opening and removes a pressure big time. I see a hot girl, check situation around her and go. No thinking.

I use one  Direct opener and one environmental / Indirect “safe” opener. If a girl is with group of guys or I am not sure how dangerous situation is, (boyfriends,..etc) I will go safe.My safe one gives me an easy entry in conversation.

Last month I used ( Safe) :

“If you find out your boyfriend is cheating on you But with another guy, and you love him so much, what would you do?”

Direct : ” I like you,what’s your name?”

I tend to change my openers once a month, so I don’t get bored with it ( its obvious on your delivery and face).

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