7 pillars of inner game

When we talk about building strong Inner Game, what does that actually means ?  what are pillars of inner game?
First let me shock you…There is no thing such as Inner Game. Its Personality. Inner Game = Personality 
Did you notice guys who are mentally strong, guys who are interesting and interesting life, have no problem with Inner Game? Why is that? Because they are congruent with who they are, they have developed their personality, their life.

Why is personality = Inner Game?

Because you can’t be confident with girls and not be confident in rest of your life, its very hard to have amazing energy during daytime in regular life, positive outlook in life, and then be nervous introverted with girls. What I am saying here is that you cannot build only personality / Inner game for girls. Its impossible to separate your real personality with personality you show only to girls.
Amazing guy is amazing guy. He’s not only amazing with girls. He’s amazing whole day!

If I as a coach install in your mind following Belief : “ I am amazing person, people and girls especially love to be around me” then this belief will affect whole your life, not just one small segment when you are with girls. You will walk around planet as amazing person, attracting people to you.

I noticed an pattern where guys would like to stay who they are, they just want this super Inner Game for girls. Like an Superman suit they put on when they go out. So insecure guys get confident. Sorry guys, personality does not work like that. Its not healthy to create 2 separate personas inside yourself. You want to create one solid, amazing guy, who is happy in his life, confident in everything he does.

7 pillars of Inner Game


7 pillars of inner game by BadboyLifestyle


Your beliefs will guide you through life. What do you want from life, what are your core beliefs, what do girls mean for you, rules you develop for certain situations, certain people. Example : “I do not hangout with negative people” or ” If nothing happens within 2 dates, I move on. I do not waste anymore my time on her”. If you create right set of rules for yourself you will live one Awesome life.
Create beliefs and rules that will motivate you to life your life to fullest.
More about my life rules you can find here.

Fears & Insecurities

We all had our little fears and insecurities that came from childhood. But its your job as a man to deal with them, and fix them as you aer growing up. You cannot allow to those things to dictate your life. You cannot be an 40yo man who is afraid of spiders. Being a Man means being free of those things. My Inner Game Team will teach you how to deal with those.

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Self image is really important part of personality and important piece in pillars of Inner game. However you see yourself, its how others will see you as well. You have to work on your Self-Image. The more you value yourself, the more others will value you. It all starts from you. Bad image about yourself will spread fast around world. When you look yourself in mirror, what do you see? Do you like what you see? Do you love yourself? Do you accept yourself?


Developing good life energy is vital for having good life. Being positive, happy, with a smile on your face. Nobody wants to hangout with negative, depressed people. Good energy will attract people into your life.


Just like with fears, any childhood traumas you had have to be taken care of. Some guys carry their traumas whole their life without fixing them and at same time they wonder why they have problems being sexual with girls or fear of approaching girls.. etc.
If you had traumatic childhood, you have been raised in a way that’s causing you problems today, you have to take care of it.


That little dialog you have with yourself every day is the most important conversation you can have in a day. How do you talk to yourself will create an reality you live. Be careful with your thoughts and ideas that come to your mind during day. Not all of them are useful to process. I will teach you proper way how to talk to yourself soon, the way that you will radiate with positivity and power.


Self-confidence is a result of all work you have done in all  pillars of inner game above. Once you believe in yourself, your actions, you know what value you provide to others, you are in peace with your past, you know what you want and you go for it. The moment you love yourself and world around you, moment when you walk with power and dominance, when you are free from fears and negativity in your head.. then and only then you will start to radiate with dangerous level of confidence. Confidence is No1 attraction trigger for girls.

Start working on your pillars of inner game.

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