Pickup and Friendships

In order to live a happy, balanced life as a man on this planet, you have to have several components of your life sorted out.
I talked already about how to master other areas like money, family, girls; today let’s focus on one really important element in life and it is your friendships!

How important are your friends to you and how many do you have? True friends?

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Pickup and friendships

As you have probably already noticed, girls come and go, your family is getting older and older, but friends are the one who will follow you and be with you in this life. Follow you through life.
If you haven’t already, it’s time to build some lifelong friendships. Friends that will be there for you when you need them.

I am not talking about Facebook and other social media friends, but real friends who care about you, who call you for your birthday, who are there for you, ones you truly enjoy hanging out and having a beer with.

Some of the best moments on this planet you will have with friends. Either traveling somewhere together creating crazy adventures or just shooting shit over a beer.

Some of the guys I meet while coaching and traveling around the world lack skills in building friendships, and as a result they end up being alone, lonely.

Even today in modern society, the trend is that we communicate more, but tend to have less real friendships. Everything is instant, everything is fake, everything is online… I decided to give you 3 small tips on how to build Real Friendships.

Pickup and friendship - Badboy Lifestyle - PUA Secrets

Rule 1# Friendships Are Built OFFLINE

Forget WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter; instead go to a dinner, travel together, fuck some girls together, spend some good “Man Time”. The more primitive the activities are (back in the cave) the stronger bond you will create with another person.

Let’s see, what caveman guys used to do?

  1. Hunting together;
  2. Sharing food;
  3. Spending time in woods alone;
  4. Sharing girls and fucking new ones;
  5. Building something together (house, tools… etc.).

So you want to create an ultimate bond with someone? Do these 5 things with him intensively over a period of time and you will create an unbreakable friendship.

Rule 2# Give and Take

Friendship is not only about using one person’s resources.
I had some “friends” who would like to be invited to my parties, borrow my car from time to time and give nothing in return. You see, friendships do not work like that.

Friendship is about sharing resources. Your friend does a favor to you, you come to his place with a bottle of wine. Your friend likes one of your ex-girlfriends that you fucked? You introduce him to her.

Remember, friendship = sharing.

You have to open up, start sharing, start doing things.
There is no better way to build a friendship than to go out and pick up girls together. It’s the ultimate team-building. Approaching, solving problems, sharing girls…

Which brings us to…

Rule 3# Create Experiences

People bond when they do something together, when they create or share unique experiences. It gives them lots of stuff to talk about later, laugh, retell those stories.

These are just 3 basic tips on how you can create friendships fast.

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