Picking up girls on Tinder?

Can Tinder replace real seduction?

I see more and more guys are getting addicted to Tinder nowadays. Can tinder replace real seduction? is it a easy way to get girls?
Well Badboy did 1 month on Tinder to test platform for you.
I have to say: I like it and don’t like it as same time.

Girls have too much control over will they chat with you or not. If you like her and she likes you only then you can get access to text with her. It means you are not the chooser, you cannot control who will you seduce.

You have to have amazing photos to get best looking girl to like you. And still with best photos is a hit and miss.


We tested several styles of photos, and one thing that had best results was Smile. Your photo  has to be positive, with a big smile on your face. Our matches have increased for 60%. It looks like everybody today is depressed that guy with a genuine smile is very attractive. Show them you are enjoying life.

You can do several photos and test them  (let tinder rotates them) and finds one that has most matches/swipes ratio.  It takes few days, but you will know what photo gives you best results.
After I have spend month on it, for few hours per day I think  its a big time waste, girls that you like, they don’t like you. And once you get a match with hot girl , she is already involved with hundreds of conversations. Its hard to distinct yourself from others.

You still need good conversational skills for texting / talking.
I can see why its so popular, you just swipe left, right, takes no effort and maybe something happens. Takes no balls. you can hide with your insecurities behind screen. No risk.

This will never be able to replace good old traditional seduction. where you see a hot girl, you approach her, seduce her and take her home.

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Good news

Tinder is amazing for practicing text game. Its a free training ground for texting. Get matches, and try to escalate conversation to WhatsApp then to date. You do not have to do anything with a girl, but practice that routine.

If you are looking to get pull hot girls  only from tinder, you wont be that happy. Its too much work for average girls. You can get better results from approaching girl n street.

Bon voyage,


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