How To Never Fail A Shit Test Again

One of the most fragile moment, in seduction where lots of guys fail for sure is the moment when her unconscious is testing you. The moment when even strongest guys start to mumble,shake, get nervous.

How to never fail a shit test again?

This is the most critical moment, you fail to answer it in right way, your chances are ruined.

Its Moment when she starts with:

“I have a boyfriend”
“Why are you talking to me?”
“I am married”
“Where is your Girlfriend”?
” You are not my type”
“I am not that kind of a girl”
” My boyfriend is coming soon, he’s not gonna like this”

“How old are you”?

With each of statement / question she is testing something different, she is answering her questions. Good news is that all of those tests are actually Indicator of Interest.. aka IOI’s..
Is she doesn’t like you, and is not considering to be with you.. Trust me, she would never bother to test you..

Example : If a Girl wants to find out how do you behave/ handle pressure (Its important for a man to handle pressure well. She will put you under the pressure and observe how you handle it.


Young couple arguing with each other woman shouting yelling at her boyfriend isolated on a white background
How they do it?


Simple :
” My boyfriend is here and is coming soon, he’s not gonna like you talking to me”

Its really funny to watch guys face and body-language after this sentence.

How toes an Experience player reacts in this situation? Very easy :
In calm state with smile on face I just say ” Its ok, dont worry, when he comes we will talk about football”

“I am Married”

Simple : “Its ok we going to be discrete”.. ( change topic) will handle that one.

“I have a boyfriend”

“Its ok, I am not planing to Merry you”
“Its ok we will be discrete”

Why are you talking to me?

“Because I like you”

Where is your Girlfriend” / do you have a girlfriend”?

I am still searching for my Soulmate

Is very important that immediately after answering test, to change the topic.. otherwise you will get sucked into her Frame.

Example :
Her : You are too old for me
You : Its ok, my last girlfriend was 21yo.. so what kind of music you like?

Your reaction time after her tests has to be under 1/2 sec. Otherwise it will look like you are affected by her tests. Practice them because you need them for both Day Game specially on Club game.


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