Online Game – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

We Can’t Ignore this Anymore.
More and more guys are looking for answers about online game, tinder, facebook, Instagram, badoo, there are so many girls on so many different apps that guys are going crazy, they want to know how to get them!

Every time you go through your Instagram feed and you see this HOT girl in bikini giving a sexy pose to the camera, you feel this pump of sexual energy, YOU WANT HER.

Problem is, she is not available.
THEY are not available.

You send them a message and you never get a reply.
You know there are probably hundreds of other men in her inbox and she doesn’t even open the messages.

So The Question Still Standing:


Online Game – The Good

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪The good‬‏

Let’s start with stating the good things about online game:

  1. It’s very accessible – You can do online game anywhere, any time.
    The girls are there all of the time and you can theoretically get them.
  2. It’s low on investment – Just like online marketing, you work hard to build the first funnel and once it’s done cash flows.
    The same goes for here, the moment you’re done setting up your profile, all you do is swiping and texting, no need for ballsy moves, dealing with her friends, solving logistics, everything is as easy as it can get.
  3. It fuels itself – The more matches you get, the more followers you have, the more messages you sent and are getting answered, the more the algorithm boosts you and gives you more matches, followers, and replies.
  4. You can cheat – by paying money on certain apps you can put yourself above even the hottest guys to boost your success.
    It works like this only online because you can’t really buy attention in real life and if you do it turns girls off.


Online Game – The Bad

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪The bad‬‏

Now let’s show you what things really look like:

  1. You don’t REALLY have access to the girls – As I said, Their inboxes are full of men. They can sign up for tinder and even if they are ugly it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes till they get over 100 likes and their inbox is crushing, and I saw it happening with my own eyes live.
    Even using the wittiest opener won’t help here because SHE CAN’T SEE IT.
  2. The really hot girls don’t exist there – Even if you find a few of those, they never reply.
    Their social accounts are for business (modeling) and their dating apps are to get more traffic for their social accounts.
    Every time you see a hot girl linking to her Instagram from a dating app, know it is to gain followers, not to get massages, her inbox is already full of these 😉
  3. It only works if you have a really high value – Most dating companies play by value.
    Now, we have nothing against having a high value, it’s cool, it’s fun, and it does bring results.
    However, it requires tons of work AND brings inner game issues with it.
    You need to believe you are enough to get girls without being a superstar, that line of thinking is what sent most old PUA’s to a mental hospital.
    Conveying enough value to attract the girls you actually want from online game is a full-time job by itself.

Online Game – The Ugly

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪The ugly‬‏

You will always be in a disadvantage – Let’s Face it Now.
When it comes to online game, Girls have the power.
They have the choice and the number of options they get there is abnormally more significant than any man unless we are talking about REAL VIP’s.

I see the best online dating coaches still struggle when push comes to shove.
I Know some really good looking guys with great skills failing when it comes to Online Game.

No matter who you are, you should always remember that online game starts with a disadvantage to you, and proceed from there.

This doesn’t mean that you should go crying about it and being a pussy.
Even the greatest fighters have their disadvantages, Yet, They still fight till the bitter end.
Just Keep your head up and KEEP GOING NO MATTER WHAT.


How to Make it Work?

Honestly, I have tried to figure it out for a long time, and I will keep trying until I succeed. Until I will have the perfect formula for online game just like we (Badboy Lifestyle) have the perfect formula for any other type of game.

For now, my success in online game is average considering my skills with girls and nothing comparing to what I can to with girls face to face using my well-trained seduction skills.

Yet, I ain’t gonna leave you out hanging.

These are the things I have tried that gave me The BEST RESULTS up to now:

  1. Start with Instagram – You should have an Instagram account with some good professional photos. And when I said “professional”, I don’t mean a model agency professional, I am talking about thinking what image would you like to portray to the world and to the girls and using your Instagram photos and whole profile to show it. It can be playing the guitar, photography, boxing, whatever image you want to portray, Instagram is perfect for it.
    Add all of the people you know personally to it and start playing.
    Instagram is very easy to play with because it doesn’t have much in it, all you need are some photos on your feed, some followers, and you’re good to go.
    Now, when you want to talk to some girl, start by commenting on her photo.
    The comment should be something that will bring a smile to her face and will stand out from all of the other comments.
    After she replies/ likes it, repeat it for 2-3 more times on other photos.
    Then, go to the direct messages, I promise you that the chances she will answer you will be much higher!
  2. Continue with Facebook – You can share every post you upload to Instagram on facebook too.
    DO IT. You probably won’t get many likes or anything, but the purpose is to have a basic good looking profile.
    Now, do the same strategy from Instagram on Facebook, comment on girls’ posts and start interacting with them before you send the first personal message.
  3. Go for tinder – tinder is far from being the best dating app out there, but it is for sure the most simple one.
    All you have there are photos, bio, and some basic info about you, nothing too serious, which will make it easier for you to crack!
    Take your best photos from Instagram (the ones with the most likes and comments) and start playing with them, seeing how much attention you can with them, which one should come first, etc.

Basically what I am doing on social media is warming girls up with pebbles of communication to get them ready for my personal messages, this way they reply to me on DM as if they already know me 🙂

Other than that, I use Instagram for quick phone closes, if I haven’t built enough connection with the girl to exchange numbers and we don’t have much time (daily logistics), I simply take their Instagram and make sure they look at my profile a bit.
For some reason, girls give a lot of trust to the social media profiles and if they like the image you portray there, getting to the date would be really easy, no texting skills required!

The Key for Success in Dating apps & Social Media is Successfully Conveying The Things Women Want in a Man on Your Profiles.

That’s it for today mate.
I challenge you to crack the code before I do 😉


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