One night stand

For one night stand energy is one of the most powerful tools in pickup that we can use. Sometimes, you don’t need anything else to get the girl; just good energy. Very often, this is exactly what naturals do and that’s it.

One Night Stand = Good Energy

Man kissing woman neck on their date

The right energy, displays lots of positive things : health, fun, emotional intelligence and a high sex drive. Most girls don’t realize how many girls go out just to find guy for a one night stand; the guy who is going to do the best job for her that night.

Imagine you are a girl in that position. You don’t want complicate your life with a relationship right now, you want just one night, and that’s it. So you are with your female friends, standing at the bar waiting for drinks, searching for potential candidates.
What kind of qualities do you search for?

Reasonable, but probably not the primary thing for a one night stand.

A rich guy? Probably not so important either for good sex.

The one thing that matters for sure is his body language, his confidence and his energy. A guy with low energy for sure is not going to provide what you need. But again, the insane guy that’s dancing like monkey on drugs around dance floor, is not going to cut it either. So you will choose guy who has a dominant, sexual, positive, confident good energy. A guy who displays that he’s higher than you and that he’s going to push your limits.

Ultimately, having good energy represents having a good sex drive. If you sub-communicate this energy, she will choose you to go  home. So every time you start a conversation with a group of girls, calibrate to their energy level. If they are energy 5, be 20% above them. This will give you instant Rapport, and power over them. They will LISTEN TO YOU because you are adding something to the interaction and not just draining their time and energy.

, raise your energy level and you will capture their attention back.

Girls are Energy Vampires

Girls having fun at a party in nightclub

They love sucking energy from guys. Have you noticed how tired you are after a night of picking up girls? It’s because girls are used to taking energy from us, and not giving anything is return during the initial part of the pickup where the ratio is something like 90% /10%. Get used to it. It’s part of the game. No one said it’s easy.

How do we maintain this good energy?

First, take care of yourself¦ live a healthy lifestyle. Watch a full course on nutrition and food inside Life Academy about what you have to eat to keep your energy level high. Be active, play sports, exercise, eat right, don’t drink too much and convey health naturally. Then make sure you are doing things in your life that genuinely interest and excite you so that they pick up on it in the enthusiasm you exude. And as much as possible, have women in your life. Women can sense who has access to women and who doesn’t. We can fake this by paying attention to our body language and attitude, but the best (and funnest) solution is to have this come from a real place of abundance.

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