No 1# mistake guys do while texting with girls

Texting has changed in last 10 years totally.
Technologies, smartphones, have changed the way we live our life. It has changed the way we communicate with each other. It changed our friendships, business.

And this is something you have to be aware when texting. I have seen this mistake many times, and it’s if you look into Life Academy texting course where we analyze guys conversation with a woman. While analyzing all those texts that guys send to me, I got inspired to write this article. I found one really big mistakes that all of the guys are doing, probably you dear reader as well

Biggest mistake guys do while texting with girls  comes from this wrong belief:

Texting = Sorting out logistics

You guys get girl phone number and then as soon as she replies you try to get her to meet you, pull her out for a date.

Looking at this belief, I realized for man texting is nothing more than sorting out logistics so two can meet.
And this is ok, but this belief is really old. It comes from 10-12 years ago when Nokia was dominating phone market, and phones were used to talk and exchange information. Because texts were expensive and phone technology was weak, phones were used just to set up meeting points, so you can meet the person and communicate.

Today technology got so advanced that virtual communication overgrew personal interaction. You can say more, you can say faster, you can go deeper, you can have more fun (sending naked photos..) then what you can do person to person. No wonder Technology did beat interpersonal real life communication.

And this is something that most of the guys’ fuck-up in their texting. Texting is not any more “Let’s meet there and there”, but it became a communicational channel. Actually, it became MAIN communication channel, and it will grow even more in upcoming years. Today guys when talking to a woman they are still going old-school, trying to sort out logistics to meet her, while on another side she wants to communicate. And this is a really big problem I noticed.


No 1# mistake guys do while texting with girls

To understand how important our virtual communication has got, take a look at how many interactions you have per day on your phone Vs person to person.
Ratio is probably 10:1

We do business deals, we meet, we make love, we break up, we actually have our fake lives on social medias.. etc

Instead of focusing on setting up Logistics, focus on building a good conversation

This is the difference that makes the difference.
Use texting to build amazing connection, amazing conversation with a girl, get to know her, have fun with text, have a great time with her, get her used to send you photos, do everything you can do so she is dying and waiting for a moment to meet you in person.

Remove the focus from trying to “close her” or meet her as soon as possible, to building best conversation you can. Get to know her, get her to open up to you, make her feel like she knows you and wants to know more about you. Then and only then she will very likely have free time to meet you.

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