I am into personal development for quite some time and picking up girls is a topic I came across several times in the past. During that time I got insights into the work of some pickup artists, including Badboy.

What I really liked about Badboy was that he made a lot of sense to me in what he was saying. He did not make everything so complicated like other so-called gurus and I liked the concept of direct approach he was teaching. Besides that, in his videos it is not only about picking up girls but also about becoming a man and living the life you want. In everything he was teaching I got the feeling that he honestly cares about his students.

On his website I saw the offer for Summer Camp 2014 and I was hooked. The opportunity to stay 14 days in Croatia with Badboy and his team, living close to them and getting a lot of intensive training did not keep me thinking for long before I decided that “I have to do it”. 
After the booking we got all the information about what we would need for our stay. Everything was organized very well. I decided to go by bus from Munich. On the day of departure we were meeting with some of the other guys and Badboy had also made the trip to Munich to welcome us, which really impressed me. During our trip to Croatia, some guys were joining in Zagreb and Badboy was telling the first good stories about summer camp experiences from past years. Having arrived on Pag we got assigned to apartments which we shared with two to three other guys from the group. 
Everyone was really excited to start and no one had an idea what is waiting for us during the next 14 days.

Badboy assembled an amazing team of 13 instructors, each with their own styles and qualities. They were training us in day game sessions at the beach and in the village we lived in. We did night game sessions in loud clubs, physical training (PT) to get in good energy for the girls and we also did inner game sessions which helped us to break free from the limiting beliefs we all had implemented in ourselves from society. Every day we also had debriefing sessions with Badboy in the morning where we talked about our experiences from the previous night, learned new moves to approach as well as physically and verbally escalate with girls. Badboy and everyone from his team did an amazing job.

Badboy was always available to us and made sure all our questions were answered. I especially enjoyed the session about sexual escalation from Bozo, an instructor, who is a really great and fun guy. Johnny, another instructor, also made a huge impression on me. He did the PT with us and additionally gave sessions about inner game and advanced day game. Badboy even had a psychologist in his team, Volker, who did a great job in supporting people with deeper inner game problems, but Volker also gave general sessions which really helped all of us becoming more comfortable with ourselves.

The 14 days were a very intense experience with lessons during the day and party every night until the early morning hours. We did not sleep much but everyone was improving so much with girls during our stay and we were amazed with the stories our group created. After the camp we are still staying in contact with the group and keep sharing our stories.

I’ve made a really good connection with some guys during the camp and we are planning to meet again soon and to go out together.
 Having said all this, I can fully recommend to everyone to attend summer camp. It is an unbelievable experience which simply changes your life. I am still very motivated after the camp to change things back home to fit my new better lifestyle and I am enjoying the process of the everlasting transformation. If I had to make the choice again, I would definitely sign up for summer camp again!

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