Memoirs of a Badboy – Free Chapter

Memoirs of a Badboy is my book my PHD of Seduction! This was the hardest, The Mission Impossible girl that I made it very possible!!

Its an Free chapter from my new book Memoirs of a Badboy. There will be many stories like that that you can learn so much just by reading  and seeing it how I do it. Enjoy the read.

It was just one more boring flight from Frankfurt to New York. I was connecting from Zagreb to Frankfurt then to New York.

I arrived at the gate at 7pm, an hour before my flight was scheduled to depart.

I pulled out my iPad and started reading some book about photography that I’d downloaded recently.

Suddenly I noticed this gorgeous, tall, blonde that looked like a supermodel. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, her skin was perfect and smooth, and she looked to be between 22-25 years old. She was sitting a few meters away from me, dressed in tight, dark blue, ripped off jeans. She looked smoking hot, listening to music on her iPod.

It was obvious she was boarding the same flight as me. She was sitting on the other side of a gate but facing me. I looked around and realized she was the hottest girl around, probably the hottest girl I had seen at an airport in the last six months.

While reading my book, we exchanged a few glances in the hour before boarding. We were the only young people on the flight, and it felt like there was something between us. Since I have been traveling for the last ten years, this had happened to me so many times. I would be exchanging eye contact with a girl, and then I would find some excuse not to approach her. Either I would be tired or jet lagged, or I had some work to do, whatever. This time was different.
I realized I had to do something with her. My only option was to stand up and disappear for few a moments before approaching her to sit down next to her (there were a few chairs free). That was the only thing I could have done there at the gate. But as I was thinking about it they opened our gate, and started boarding us.

My opportunity was gone. Whenever you hesitate, you get punished by the universe. Remember that. I hoped maybe I’d get lucky and she’ll be seated somewhere close to me. This happens to my wing Cortez all the time, while I always end up with guys around me.

As I boarded the flight, walking towards my seat I see her on the right side sitting in the middle row, sandwiched between two other people. Damn, I am on the opposite side, the left wing at the back of the aircraft. For this situation to be even worse, I have this fat guy next to me (it’s a two seat row, with just me and the fat guy at the window seat). Someone up there obviously doesn’t like me and wants to make it tough for me. I always have to work hard to achieve anything.

As we reached cruising altitude, and seat belts were off, I was starting to feel bad, because it looks like my only opportunity to approach her was back at the gate. Once again I got punished for not seizing an opportunity that was presented to me.

Dinner arrived, and as i was eating, I was listening to some in-flight music, but I couldn’t stop thinking about her. She was the hottest girl I’d seen in the last six months. I’d been in the game more than 11 years at this point. And I’m aware that for a girl of this quality, you basically never find them in some normal situation; usually you have to pull something hardcore to get them. Either they’re with boyfriends or family or a bunch of friends that you have to deal with. You have to bring big game but you get big rewards.

I kept thinking of what I could do, what my options and possibilities were. I had to do something. I promised myself I wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip away just like that. If I had to turn the whole flight upside down, I would. I don’t care. There had to be a way to make this work. I have to approach her somehow, and even if it goes to hell, at least I have to try. I would rather try and fail then walk away like a loser.

None of the standard cold approach techniques would work since she was in the middle of the row and people were sitting on both sides. I started to watch some movie just to get my mind off her but I couldn’t focus on the movie, I had one eye on her hoping she would go to the toilet or something, as that could be my only chance to catch her and start talking to her. I couldn’t miss that opportunity.

After the movie finished, I was so bored that I started playing some games on that stupid in-flight system. While playing Tetris, the system asked me do I want a multiplayer or single mode. And that was it, the ‘Aha’ moment. Something just pushed me towards multiplayer option, and on the next screen I saw: ‘Please enter seat number’ – I just got lucky. That’s it, that’s what I needed, that’s what I wanted. Not all of the airplanes have this. Thanks Airbus for this option. I love you Airbus! I had a big happy smile on my face.

Now the game can begin. I found a loophole in the system, a tiny opportunity but that’s all I needed. I stood up, went to the toilet and checked her seat number on the way past. It was something like 35F, and she was watching a movie. I went back to my seat, and waited for about half an hour for her movie to end. I had no idea if the game request would pop-up during the movie or not, so I went with the safe option. In the meantime I checked other games and realized Tetris is probably not the best idea for a hot girl like her, so I chose Pac-Man, a fun and simple game.

I saw her moving around her seat, bored, so the movie probably ended. Perfect timing. I sent multiplayer game requests, and instantly she started looking around to see who sent it. We locked eyes, I waved to her and she smiled. She approved my game request, and we played that game for some 20-30 minutes. I let her win most of the time so i could move to the next game. We ended up playing four or five games for the next 90 minutes or so.

One of the games in multiplayer mode had ‘send a note’ option. I thought for a moment, ‘text messaging!’ I simply couldn’t resist, so I called a flight attendant over and asked her to send a glass of champagne to 35F on my bill and typed a message over game:

‘I have no chance against you – You win’.

I waited for the flight attendant to bring her champagne and timed the text perfectly so it arrived ten seconds before the drink. She replied after a minute with: ‘I know 🙂 thx for champagne’.

I am thinking the game is on, since we moved to texting, and there is no one in the world better at this than me. She didn’t stand a chance.

I send her: ‘You deserve it, btw, can you please keep quiet your babies next to you, rest of flight can’t sleep from the noise you guys make.’ (There was some kid crying next to her with the parents trying to make it silent since it was about 11pm and everybody was trying to get some sleep.)

Her: It’s not my baby, it’s getting on my nerves as well, I can’t sleep neither.

I was thinking that the baby did a perfect job, since otherwise she would probably be sleeping if it wasn’t crying.

Me: Wanna swap? I give you fat smelly guy that’s snoring next to me for a whole family?

Her: Keep the fat guy, I like babies

Me: New York, business or pleasure? (I had to change topic, initial fluff got boring.)

Her: Little bit of both, you?

Me: Business

(Waiting for two minutes, she doesn’t reply, so I reinitiated)

Me: I wonder, if you could take over control of the flight, and choose any destination on planet, where would you take us / where would you like to wake up tomorrow morning? (This was the first time I mentioned ‘us’.)

Her: Beach, some exotic island, Maldives or something like that, but I am a bad pilot/ driver, we wouldn’t get far away

Me: Wow that sounds nice, I’m more of a beach person as well, give me sun, cocktails, and clear blue water and I’m happy. As for your driving skills, autopilot works Miracles 🙂

Her: Hmmm

Me: What horoscope/star sign are you?

Her: Virgo, you?

Me: Leo

Me: Horoscope and music can tell a lot about you, I am Leo in my soul, but I love Sting, chill out music.

Her: I love Sting as well, I’ve just been at his concert in London a few weeks ago.

Conversation went really well for the next 20-30 minutes, since I am the type of person who always thinks one step ahead, and thinking one step ahead of the situation is the only way to play this game. If I did continue conversation over text it would be fun for a while but then it would get boring and die out and she would go to sleep or something. So I had to escalate, I had to keep momentum, keep doing things.

In seduction you can’t sit on your ass, you simply have to be proactive all the time. You have to do things. ‘What’s next’, I asked myself. I had used all of the tools that were available, playing games, sending drinks, texts, so the next level was to move conversation from text to personal. She was ready for it. Again, she is positioned in a totally unapproachable situation. She was sitting in the middle row of four seats. On the left side was a family (father, mother and baby), while on the right was an old lady sleeping. Talk about being complicated – I have to pull a hot blonde from her seat with an old lady sleeping next to her. Or I can choose the other side and deal with whole family. Sleeping grandma was the winner.

In that moment, all the club approaches and leading to isolations I had done in my whole life felt like child’s play. And even If I somehow get her out from her seat, where do I take her?  The pilot’s cabin? Toilet? The only place where I can take her in that few meters of empty space between economy and business class, right near the lavatories. Damn, these logistics are fucked.

I unbuckled my seat belt and said to myself, “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!” Went to the back of the airplane and asked a flight attended for two glasses of red wine, took them and went to her row, she looked at me shocked, like “what the hell are you doing here?” I gave her a glass of wine in her left hand, and woke up old granny next to her. “Excuse me, would you be so kind as to let the young lady get out?” The old lady looked at me and she said no problem, at that moment I took the girl’s right hand, stood her up and took her out of her seat and row. Perfect leading. (This move you can see on my Techniques DVDs – it worked perfectly.)

I told her, “Let’s go for a walk.”

She was shocked. “Where?”

I said, “Follow me”.

It worked mostly because I was fully confident, and because I did lead. If I was insecure at any point or not sure about it there’s no way it would have worked. There was no space for mistakes. It had to be done perfectly. Being a gentleman to the old lady and using her to apply social pressure (since granny unbuckled her belt and stood up, my girl had to follow) worked to my advantage.

I took her to the only place where you can isolate girls on an aircraft; the space around lavatory areas, between economy and business class. As we got there, I leaned back against the lavatory wall and started talking. I became lost in her beautiful deep blue eyes. People were going in and out of the lavatories and it wasn’t the best location to be, but on a flight that’s packed like this one and since we’re on airplane, I really didn’t have many options.

The whole situation was so forced, and I really had to do my best to make her calm and relaxed with conversation. The conversation was good; I went deeper and created some connection. We talked about music, her hobbies, traveling. She was visiting her friends in NYC and doing some photo shoots as well since she is a part time model. I told her my story and that I do photography as well, and that I used to run a model agency.

She was laughing and smiling the whole time and obviously enjoying our conversation. I did some physical touch tests (touched her a few times and did a high five) to test how her body is reacting to me. Sometimes guys forget to seduce a girl’s body. You have to separate seducing her mind and seducing her body. Those are two separate processes that are running at the same time.

I created more verbal connection during the conversation and it was going smoothly. But again, the whole time I had this alarm beeping in my head that I have to do something with her now. My biggest concern at the time was that turbulence that may come any time soon, and stupid seat belt sign would go on and flight attendants will push up back to our seats. If that happened, my whole game would go to hell in a second. I would have to go back to my seat and she would go back to her seat, leaving me back at the beginning. Walking up to her again would be needy. I had to come up with something, and that something had to happen fast. I can’t wait for seat belt sign. I can’t sit on my ass and hope for the best. The best doesn’t just happen, you have to create it

So as I am talking to her about life, traveling, psychology, in the back of my head I am analyzing my options. In those moments my brain is running 200Km/h. Somehow I had to engineer a way to sit next to her for the rest of the flight. Since the flight was totally full I had only 2 options.

Telling a flight attendant that I found a close relative on flight and that we would like to sit together, and hoping flight attendants will want to reorganize people in middle of flight. I had seen it happen a few times, so that may work.
Ask the fat guy sitting next to me, to switch seats with her. Since I hadn’t spoken with him, and he doesn’t like me at all, I don’t think it’s going to work. That’s why it’s smart to be social and talkative with people who sit next to you on flights. You never know when you will need them. If I made a good connection with the guy, asking him to move to her seat would be no problem.

Engaging her in good conversation while at the same time thinking about the logistics and analyzing the whole situation is what makes a good seducer good.

I’d been fucked by environmental factors way too many times in my life, and I knew that If I didn’t take full control over it and solve the problem, it would happen again. So as I was about to take action and talk to a flight attendant, I realized the fat guy had stood up and started walking towards the back lavatories. Perfect. I knew this was my opportunity, my window to make it happen. It’s going to be now or never.

So I waited a few moments until fat guy goes behind the corridor, so he can’t see what I’m about to do. I pulled a smart trick; since she had her wine in her right hand, I gave her my glass in her left hand (so she had both arms occupied). This kept her brain occupied in order to keep balance and not spill it over people around us. Perfect time for the pull. I said, “Let’s go, follow me” as I was moving through people making sure she followed me. We arrived at my seat, and I went in first and sat on the window seat (fat guy’s seat), so she can sit on my seat. There’s no way she would sit on his seat (rude) so I went in and sat down.

As she was about to sit on my seat she asked, “But whose seat is this?”

Me: That’s mine, shut up and sit down 🙂

Her: But it’s fat guy’s seat

Me: I will kick him out of the airplane once he comes back, I don’t like him

Her: You are crazy

Me: I know

Now she is saying the right words, it took her some time to realize it. The moment they start saying things like, you are mad, crazy, wild and unpredictable, you know that you are on the right track. Attraction!

Now, 70% of my job is solved. I have attraction, really good connection, Trust/Comfort/Connection is going well, leading, isolated her. I have alcohol so it’s all good. Only remaining thing before I escalate sexually is I had to figure out how to sort out the fat guy. He’d come back anytime soon and I had to be ready to deal with him. Being prepared is key.

I asked her to give me her boarding pass (her seat number is written on it), she had it in her jeans pocket. I told her to go back to her seat and bring over her stuff. She went there and brought back her book, iPod and passport. I went back to Trust/comfort/connection and continued our conversation from before, distracting her mind from the whole thing that’s happening. In the back on my head I was trying to figure out what I was going to say to fat guy once he realized that his seat was taken. I really needed those two seats because I knew I could escalate sexually very fast, as I had done that before.

So here was fat guy coming back to his seat, shocked after realizing that his seat was taken. He was not happy, as he liked his little nest on the window seat. I started explaining that I found a close relative on board, and if its ok that they swap seats, since there are only three to five hours left until we arrive in NYC. He was more than aware of what’s going on and that she wasn’t my relative, and he was saying something rude to me that I shouldn’t take someone’s seat without asking… blah blah blah.

As he was talking, luck finally got on my side. The aircraft started shaking again; seat belt sign came on. Flight crew jumped out from their cabins, like rats running around like crazy. They were pushing everybody back to their seats. Since fat guy is so fat that no one can pass by him, he created a line of people behind him. The flight attendant was yelling at him. I created the perfect social pressure by taking his book he was reading, and slipped her boarding pass in the book. I told him, “Take her seat, it’s just there”. He didn’t have any other option.

Finally something worked in my favor, as the turbulence was perfectly timed .I thought I wouldn’t ever see this happen. I slipped her boarding pass and book in his hand and pointed him where to go. As he was walking away, I could finally relax. It took me almost two hours. I was proud of myself. She was impressed with what I just pulled off. It was so fucking smooth what I just did. It was James Bond style.

Two hours ago, I had no idea how I was going to do this; I just knew I had to do it. And there I was now with a hot model next to me and three more hours ahead. We ordered some more wine and listened to her iPod, going through her playlists, everything is going perfect. I felt 90% of the job was done. She was melting so fast. At one point she told me that she felt tired and wanted to sleep. I made her a bed from three pillows and placed her head on my left shoulder.

It’s unbelievable what one can do when dedicated. The whole environment didn’t give me much room to play. I had those tiny opportunities I could use to my advantage and I connected them all and there I was, enjoying the fruits of my labor. This gorgeous girl from totally the opposite side of the airplane is sleeping in my arms and she loves me.

I let her rest for about five minutes and then I started caressing her hair; gentle moves through her hair with my fingers. Then slowly caressing her soft skin on her neck, moving up towards her shoulders, then back to the hair, then neck again. I did it for 10-15 minutes. It was obvious she was enjoying it and that she couldn’t sleep anymore. She was awake, resting and enjoying the moment. At one moment I stopped, and whispered in her ear, “You like to cuddle, don’t you?”

Her response was, “Hmmmm”, so i continued, moving my fingertips slowly around her neck. I spent a good amount of time on her back/shoulders until I went to her face, I slowly moved my fingers from neck to face, around her cheeks, ears, up and down, and eventually touched her lips.

The whole thing took probably 20 minutes and then I slowly moved my index finger around her upper lip, then lower, moving it around. Then at one moment she opened her lips and bit my index finger slowly. That’s it; I knew its game over. And from here it would progress really fast as long as I didn’t fuck it up. I cuddled her for a few more moments, and then I pushed her up slowly on her seat, so I could reach her head and we started making out hardcore. Since everybody around us was sleeping and it was dark, it was easy to escalate, and go more sexual. Every few minutes flight crew employees were walking up and down the cabin, and that would make her uncomfortable, so I decided to use blankets.

Seduction Lesson: I learned a long time ago to use what you have around you. I had these two red blankets, took them and  covered us and started making out more and slowly  moving my palm and fingers  over her perfectly shaped stomach, tits, legs… she was getting really horny. I unbuttoned her tight jeans, and over panties started to play with her clit. She stopped me (my hand) saying she’s shy. Translation – slow down, and give her more trust and comfort.

I gave her more kissing, feeling her tits, rubbing her pussy over her jeans, and then I took her right hand and placed it on my hard dick. She unbuttoned my jeans, and started stroking it. Now I unbuttoned her jeans further and went for her pussy. It looks like pussy is not shy anymore; she was so wet as I was fingering her. She pulled my dick out from my jeans, went under the blanket and started sucking it. In this moment, l looked through my window. Blue sky, white clouds, looking down at planet Earth, while hot blonde is sucking my dick. I was in heaven. This was Carpe Diem personified.

I thought to myself, ‘this in unreal’. From a situation that looked impossible, I have the most gorgeous girl I’ve seen in a while sucking my dick. I didn’t need more as I proved to myself I can do it, I can have her. I was satisfied, but this little devil in me wanted to do the final step. I simply had to push it this extra mile. I wanted to fuck her now. So I said fuck it, told her to button her pants, I took my wallet (I had condom inside) took her hand, and started walking towards nearest available lavatory.

Since it was 2am, and 90% of people were sleeping including the flight crew, finding an available toilet wasn’t that hard. No one saw us going in, this was too easy. I expected way more problems. But the biggest lavatory rush usually 30 minutes after dinner and before/after serving breakfast when they wake up. This was 2-3am, middle of the night and everyone seems to be sleeping.

As we got in the toilet, I locked us inside and sat her on the toilet seat, unbuttoned my jeans and slipped my dick in her mouth. Mouth fucked her for ten minutes, then I rolled a condom on and placed her on the sink and fucked her for another 10-15 minutes.

I placed her back on the toilet seat, took off my condom and came on her face, saying, “Welcome to the Mile High club, baby”. We went back to our seats, and enjoyed the rest of the flight like a long term couple.


This lay helped me realize so many things.  My game got so much better after this girl. It was one of those I will never forget. And for sure it deserves to be here in this book. I realized how much you can actually do in normal club/ street situations if you can do it on a flight. It’s all about your strong decisive frame, and you leading, bending time & space around you to serve you or your needs. I really did the maximum possible in that airplane situation. It was pure leading. In each step I had an idea what would be the next step but I had no idea how to do it. This was my first time I had done an airplane pull, and I had no idea how to do it. I had no step by step structure like I would have in clubs.

Here I was creating the next step based on what was available in that moment. In clubs it’s easier, because logistics are easier. You have more space, more options and it’s almost always the same. One thing I realized is that if you know what your next step should be, your brain will find some solutions or something will open up like what happened with the fat guy going to the lavatory. It’s all about having balls and taking actions and managing to move forward, one step at a time, as smoothly as possible.

This lay report is an amazing example of how good seduction is done. I spent three hours to get it, but it was worth every minute. Not only because of sex, but because of how much I learned and how much my game improved. Your game does not improve on average pickups. Your game grows and improves on the hardest ‘Mission Impossible’ pickups. That’s how you get better.




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