Meeting Girls During Daytime or in Clubs?

Do you want to meet more girls? Did you know that streets and malls are some of the easiest places to meet new girls? Lots of guys are locked in meeting new girls in their social circles, but really, how many new hot girls can you meet inside your circle of friends?

Start thinking outside of the box. Girls are everywhere, walking down the street, in malls, cafes, restaurants. Every situation is an opportunity for you to approach and meet a new girl. Meeting girls during daytime is so much easier than fighting for them in nightclubs. No music, no competition, no alcohol.

Listen to what Badboy says about Day Game situations and see that you could be meeting girls right now.

Meeting girls during daytime

I wrote another post about how to get girls and I talked about techniques to do this in bars, cafés, malls and clubs. Take a look after you watch this video and you will get more knowledge on this. You just need to try and you will see how easy meeting girls is anywhere.

How to approach her?

Now you know where and why to do it, right? So, if you are asking yourself how you should approach girls, I will always say with Direct Approach and I explain why on this post. Also, I created this infographic to show why direct approach is more effective, go there and check it out.

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