They turn you into an Playboy. His team is Amazing

I have to say I have decided for the summer camp when I was complete rookie. My long term relationship was ruined. We broke up and I was feeling depressed. After two weeks of crying, cursing and what not I decided that it was enough of suffering, enough of me just going to work, staring into computer, not able to do anything, enough of sleepless nights and no eating. It was about time for a change. So I found out about this PUA community on the internet. I discovered there are many gurus. I started with Mystery, I tried his stuff in the field but I felt really stupid. Then a friend of mine who I met on the forum asked me. “Have you heard about Badboy, the famous PUA from Croatia?” I was like: “No but I will check him out.” So to put it short, I was lucky enough to find my guru very soon. It didn’t take long and I found his page and on the page information about summer camp. My eyes shined, my smile was big and real, I was so excited. Then I saw the price and I have to tell I told to myself, FUCK! Now you wonder how long did it take me to decide if it is good or bad idea. I know it very well – it was thirty minutes of thinking. It was a time I made the greatest decision of my life. PERIOD.

I don’t know why, but when I pay for something – if it is the gym, some kind of training or whatever, I go as a lion. Nothing will stop me. The same was with Badboy`s summer camp. I paid the deposit of 500 EUR. After that I received a massage from Badboy Lifestyle Company that they thank me and sent me some instruction in which was written: “In order to achieve the best results in the summer camp do as much sarging before the camp as possible.” That was it for me. I went on it hardcore. I have just invested 500 EUR as a deposit and this was extreme motivator for me. I started to sarge minimum 3 times a week street game, 2 times a week club game. It was very hard. I was complete beginner. I didn’t know shit – of course my head was full of theory, because for one month I was sitting on my ass in my room and studied everything. But it was my investment and Badboy’s message that was the impulse I needed.

It didn’t take long and I have achieved my first big success. It was after one and a half month of sarging when I have found my first fuck buddy on the street. I was so happy with myself. She was very hot 29 years old teacher. It was amazing, but it ended after one and a half month of pure fucking experience. I got a bit lazy while in this short relationship with her, so I’m sure that breaking up with her was good decision. I still had 3 months to go before the camp. So I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t depressed anymore, because of breakup. I was happy. I went to street again and I was getting better and better. I felt I`m ready for hardcore training, for meeting my guru, the guru who understands that it is all about you, how strong you feel inside, how self-confident, dominant and how much of a leader you are. Before the camp I studied thoroughly Hands on the Shoulders DVD, Hands on the table DVD and all other products created by Badboy lifestyle. I was feeling like I know it all, I felt that going into camp will be great for me to develop qualities I still lacked, but I thought I know everything that can be learned as far as body language and outer game from Badboy. Later on I found out how terribly wrong I was. I would say DVDs I watched and books I read from Badboy were like 10 % of what I have learned on the camp. Guys think Badboy is just teaching what can you see in his books and dvd’s. You guys are so wrong. There is so much, much more. Its an Different world. Badboy’s books, dvd, Articles everything he shares online are just scratching the surface.Those are just little pieces. Once you step on camp, You will learn things you never see him teaching anywhere else. Those things you not going to find on youtube, newsletters. It is just something totally different, because it changes you from deep inside. So to sum it up, I got quite good at street approaches before the camp – my attraction game was strong. I was able to get number and transfer it to date. I was still very weak on club game. I admit I had to get drunk in order to put the pressure and approach anxiety away. I couldn’t have so much fun without drinking, I couldn’t approach without drinking and I was totally aware, that this has to change. For some reason I couldn’t find the strength to do it without alcohol and I hated myself for that. But I knew I had an ace in my sleeve and that was Badboy’s summer camp. Around 4 months in the street gave me good self-confidence, what I lacked big time was dominance and leading, mostly for night game and I knew there are still holes in my dating game. These were the areas I was hoping to improve on the summer camp and then harvest the fruits of my hard work. Let’s find out how it went.

I really like to eat, so I will focus a little bit on the food. I like to train, so for me proteins are very important and I was worried a bit, how the food will be and how expensive it is going to be. Breakfast was in the price and as I could eat almost as much as I wanted, I was very happy. My first steps after I accommodated myself in the room leaded to supermarket of course. ( Which is 2 min walk from house where we live. I have to say I was surprised big time. The prices were the same as in my country and I tell you, Slovakia has very good prices. One kilo of chicken breasts cost only 6 EUR. Perfect! Then at the back of the supermarket they had this table full of prepared, fresh food of every kind. Fish, chicken, beef, vegetables – everything, and it was all so cheap. So my first visit of the food store and every other was a success and I was walking back to my room as a happy man. I think I spent 10 eur per day total on food, healthy food!

I will focus on the training now, after all that is what I came here for, not eating.I decided to take me one transportation to island. After 14hours of journey in the bus (I couldn’t sleep) and after few hours of waiting for others to come( I arrived earlier), I felt very tired. I decided to travel alone from my city as it was the fastest way to get there. From what I heard from other students, their trip by bus was very good and it was organized perfectly.Badboy collected us all and placed in our big House. House looks like Spanish Villa with lots of cool modern apartments. Badboy and Instructors live in house very close by. After accommodation, Badboy told us: “Let’s meet in front of the house at 9 pm., be ready because your first night game starts tonight.” I was like: “Omg I’m so tired”.We were all so tired from traveling from all over planet. But on the other hand I was prepared for this, I knew it is going to be hardcore, I paid for it, I didn’t care.Fuck it. I go and I do my best no matter what, no matter how tired or exhausted I’m.” Badboy took us to local football stadium. ( our future training ground)
Badboys instructions for the first night were: screen the area, think about logistics, where are you going to fuck.
These were his words : “go to the beach and look for good spots there.This will be your BattleField for next 14 days & nights. Search for dark corners, check out the close woods, Know where you will fuck them, sort our your logistics tonight.” Basically he wanted us to find the options and prepare logistic for instant fucks! I found some really good spots that night behind one of the clubs.

Every morning badboy meet us after breakfast on “debriefing session” which goes for 3-4 hours. and Badboy was always the speaker. This was amazing, because after every night there were lots of questions in my head and the best guy in the world had the best answers. We all had questions, and he answered them all I didn’t care, I didn’t sleep more than 5 hours, it was self-improvement time and I’m the soldier who wants to win the war so no time for sleeping. However I missed two debriefing sessions which kind of sucked, but for a good reason – I met a sweet Croatian girl on the street and I played it well, so I ended up in her hotel room.Fucked her till morning. The second time it was time to restart my brain after 4 days of hardcore day game and night game.(reboot time). Badboy will explain you more about reboot sessions once you get on island. They are really important.

For all of you guys who decide to come to Camp next years, I suggest no matter how tired you are come to morning Badboy Debriefings session. You learn some amazing stuff there.

After debriefing it was eating time and then some Infield training which lasted for couple of hours. They were very entertaining and informing and even though I slept for 5 hours max. I wasn’t feeling tired while attending them. We were split into groups according to our success we had. Totally there were 12 instructors, and every day was basically totally different. For example when we went to the beach and our group of 10-12 of us ( guys) was divided into smaller groups and each group had its own instructor. (1×2 ratio or 1×1) . All Infield sessions were like that. Near to the beach we learned body language, how to properly approach girls lying on the beach. After that it was show time and about 4 or 5 hours of hard-core sarging on the beach started. What was absolutely amazing, in later stages of summer camp I already befriended some great guys and we were going alone to the beach of Zrce with this incredible skillset we acquired earlier, doing beach approaches, collecting numbers, kiss closes in some cases instant fucks, blowjobs and hand jobs. Everything is possible even during the day on Zrce, The whole structure of training is so amazing, after only few days of training you were able to go out alone and have fun. because the party never stops there. Every day there is different In-field session going on.
Every day there is my favorite after beach party in Papaya and Aquarius. Second week I was there almost every day with my wing. Doing intensive club game sessions, sometimes we stayed on the beach with our girls, sometimes we went to In-field sessions or Seminars that afternoon. It all depended on the situation. My game was getting better, much better. I felt stronger than ever in my life. Before the club game on Zrce, I discovered it is the best time for doing street game approaches in the city of Novalja. So let’s sum it up. This is how my hardcore sarging day on Zrce looked like: From 4 pm. – 7 pm. afterparty on Zrce, from 10 pm. – 12 pm. street game in Novalja and later from 12 pm. to 4 am., or later club game. Not many could hold this hardcore rhythm with me, but here was this exceptional guy from Germany. And he was the best wing I could have dreamt of. I felt like hulk, terminator, PUSSY ASSASIN ☺

Every 2nd day and night instructor was assigned to take care of us. So Luka a strong and dominant guy chose me and my wing and we went to Zrce. This was very hard night for me, because Luka is very dominant. I learned so much from him that night. I followed everything he said and I will never ever forget this night in my life – he showed me exactly what it means to be dominant, why is it so important to pull out instant fucks. Next day it was Cortez for a day game – very good dude. We were again in the small group of 2 or 3 guys and even though I was so tired from nonstop sarging, I felt pushed a lot by Cortez. We made table approaches, street approaches … everything. There was no doubt in my mind that what I’m learning here is the strongest skillset I can have. I would never ever argue with an instructor on anything he said, because everything made great sense. I mean I love table approaches, I love hands on the shoulders, because it gets you to sets so easily. Almost no words needed. And I know my body language is strong so these techniques are really strong and it suites me great as well as for other students, who were getting their success as well. Even is they do not work for you, Badboy will calibrate them so they fit your personality and game. Instructors fine tine their techniques to work for you. So you don’t have to worry.

It never stops on Pag. Next day it was Dre. He is like a guy from American military movie. Actually he was managing a PT ( Physical Training) with Johnny before night game, which I found very important, because there is nothing better to do when you are tired than to do physical training and pump up some blood into the brain and energy to your body. And I train always, I train because you release endorphins to your system, you feel much better afterwards, your state is better, everything is better. I do this all the time, even back home I train always. I go to gym, I do MMA and it absolutely shows on my state, on my smile on my whole face. This is also one of the reasons I love Badboy way of teaching, simply because I’m training junkie. Lots of guys were like Wtf on first hardcore training session. Pushups, pull-ups, running, Military style of Training. Dre, Jonny, Bozo and Igor were guys who will drill you. Badboy is always there to supervise everything. Nothing goes there without his approval. Few of my roommates in my apartment, were guys who never did some sports, and I can say PT was a perfect for them. They really needed it. Difference that made in-field was dramatical. They had better energy, better body-language. Sometimes it felt like Special Forces training. Respect for Badboy for adding PT on camp.

Btw listening to Johnny speaking about “Day-Game Advanced” was just pure gold. I still use to this day some of the tips and tricks he gave us. Like I look in to the mirror before I go out, or when I wake up and I say something encouraging to myself: “IM SOO FUCKING SEXY AND NO WOMEN CAN RESIST ME” ☺ . Those things you will never find online or in books, / dvd’s…

My absolute favorite from the instructors as far as seminars goes was Bozo. I mean this guy just made me laugh all the time. He together with Badboy gave us absolute best guide on how to do proper sexual talk, how to escalate with your words together with your body language. He is pure Sexual escalation guy. There is no Comfort in his game. Full Sexual Natural guy.

Some guys had really deep inner game issues and traumas form Childhood, for that there was a psychology guy Volker. He would isolate 2-3 guys each day fix them, and return them to group. Guys would come back as different persons.Other young very talented instructors Roy with best eye contact I have ever seen, Igor – dominant player, who was very fun talking to and Daniel – handsome guy who had amazing three girls on the first night of summer camp. Hats down to him.

I have to say some of the students just blew my mind. One guy for example he got threesome, fucked three girls in one night and he wasn’t pretty or anything, it is just this special atmosphere, Techniques and this special team of guys put together by Badboy. Literally every morning there were more and more hands in the air when Badboy asked us who got laid. Incredible! All normal guys, who came to camp with Approach Anxiety, with fear, nervousness, guys who didn’t know how to escalate, guys who never approached girls before in life..All of those were getting laid. Transformation was Wild. Of course my successes and those of others had a lot to do with the fact that party on Zrce never stops. Girls are there non-stop. You just go there and practice,practice..
You cannot do that in your city/ town where you live.
On Zrce Beach and town Novalja where we live there are thousands of girls. You learn skills from Badboy, and practice them, practice, and then come back home as already formed Playboy who’s ready to clean-up his city. I pushed myself really hard. I did up to 50 approaches per day. Something I cannot do back home.
I also want to say that one of the strongest points of summer camp was its organization. It was without any flaws. The apartment was perfect, transportation (bus) very comfortable the food as I mentioned too, the fact that 35 other guys from all over the globe, who were at the same boat as me was creating this amazing feeling inside of me, that we were there as a big family. You are never alone there. I have created a lot great friendships. Actually I just returned from Munich were I met my two great friends and wings from the camp and we completely ruled on streets and in clubs also. I managed to pull many kiss closes, fingered two women, and got several number closes on street just for fun. So let’s be honest here: it is 7 months since I was on summer camp, I have so many options now. After the camp I already had 4 FB for more than one month, was able to pull instant fucks on parties. I can’t even believe how my skills changed in one year of self-development and summer camp was the strongest impulse I had. No doubt. What I heard on most of other PUA bootcamps you have “bootcamp hype” that goes on for few weeks, and then you go back to who you were before. So no results. I have no idea what Badboy did to us on that Island, but there is no “hype”. They change you , and you stay that way for rest of your life. I am still in touch with my fellow camp-friends, and they told me the same.

It was funny, one of them sold his car or apartment( don’t remember exactly) to collect money for camp, and he said as well it was best life decision ever!

There are three most important lessons I have learned on camp. The first one and most important for me is the fact that now I’m VERY SKILLED AT DATING, I can pull fucks from the dates. I can convert my girls from dates to FB or go for a relationship if I feel like I want one. I can go to a party and with great chance find my instant fuck – and here comes the second quality I developed on the camp DOMINANCE and the last one is LEADING. Thanks to my stubbornness and Badboy – in my eyes the best PUA coach on the planet, together with his incredible team he had put together, I live the life I have DREAMED.

To Summarize :

Camp does exactly what is says on Badboy’s page : They turn you into an Playboy. His team is Amazing. Most PUA companies have 1-2 Top Instructors in team. Badboy has 10 of them. You really do not know which one is better. Structure of Camp is fine-tuned till perfection.

Badboy is really smart guy. 5hours of theory and 10 hours of In-field per day. If that’s not enough for you, you can always go and do more. If you are Tired, stay in and get some sleep. You do not have to attend all infield sessions. Island is full of hot Croatian and Eastern European girls. You Practice your game on 8’s-9’s and 10’s. Island Pag is really beautiful and you truly enjoy your time there. Weather was perfect, 14 sunny hot days.
You rtrain-11eally do have everything there. There is no other training like that on Planet.

Would I do it again? hell yes…
If you like Badboy’s message, what he talks on youtube, ( dominant, direct, Natural) and you can relate to that and you have some results with it, then do it. You will love Camp.Sign-up for Summer camp and Let Badboy does his magic on you. Sell your house, car, kidney..whatever you have to get money and go there. It will change you forever. It changed me and all other guys.

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