Make Her Wait For Your Text Reply

In the previous post I explained you that you cannot be following her, that you are the man, you are the one choosing her and NOT following her. In today’s post I will go deeper into this concept and introduce new topics, how to make her wait for your reply

So what does being a man mean? Being a man involves many things, but the best definition of what a man means is this:

A Man Is A Guy Who Knows What He Wants And Is Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Get It

Now, you might be thinking “What does this have to do with texting?”. And my reply to you is EVERYTHING. This has to do with texting in the same way that pickup has to do with Game: they go together. So how does this apply to Texting?

Rule #1: Don’t Wait For Her Reply

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Many guys out there, even you reading this, will sometimes be checking their cellphone to see whether she replied, or whether she read your message, or even if she was online. Now, I know what it is because I have also done it, and I know how frustrating it is to see that she was online 5 minutes ago and she did not bother to reply or even read your message.

By doing this you will seriously harm your Inner Game, you will start thinking “I’m not good enough”, “She doesn’t fancy me”, “I am not important to her” etc. Do this a couple of times a day for a few days and I guarantee you will end up:

  1. Going to a psychiatrist because you feel depressed, which will take months to recover;
  2. Book a 1×1 with us to fix you ASAP (disclaimer: we are not psychiatrists even though we have a good knowledge of how the mind works; what we are very good at is sorting Game, Inner Game and pushing you to the limits to get results). Having said this, this is not the only reason to book a 1×1 with us; if you really want to improve your skills, you definitely want a 1×1 with me and our instructors.

So let us think of this for a second: if you were Brad Pitt or George Clooney, do you think that she would let even 2 minutes pass before she would reply? The answer is NO. Now, facing this truth, we can now move on to what you can do: LIVE YOUR LIFE.

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Live Your Life

You have a great life, live the moment. There is a great quote that says “Life is not the amount of breaths you take, but the amount of moments that take your breath away”. So do your thing, live your life, have fun, enjoy the moment. Do what you like: travel, do bungee jumping or skydiving, ride a quad bike or a cross motorcycle through the mountain etc. Do the things YOU like!

And now you might be thinking “This is all great, but what does this have to do with texting?”. Here’s the thing, when you are having fun you will not be looking for something else for fun, therefore you will not be waiting for her reply endlessly.

And on a daily basis, with a regular job, you also have things to do. DO NOT check your cellphone to see whether she replied; keep doing what you are doing even though a job might not always be fun. But whatever is that you do, DO NOT, and let me stress that, DO NOT CHECK WHETHER SHE REPLIED!

Rule #2: Let Her Wait For You

Having read the above and understood that you have a life to live, naturally you will follow Rule #2: Let Her Wait For You. Whether you are doing a fun activity, or you are doing your day or night job, you will not have time to check your cellphone over and over to see whether she replied which is good.

She will have to wait for you to have some time to get your reply. You will not reply immediately as she texted you because you are too busy having fun or working or doing whatever it is that you are doing, you will reply when you have some time for her.

And why is all of this good for texting? Because following these and other tips I am giving you, you will convey that you are a man through texting. And you know what? Women are not attracted to guys, they are attracted to men.

Carpe Diem!

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